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 Readme for:  Video » Convert » ffmpeggui.lha


Description: A GUI for the ffmpeg video converter program
Download: ffmpeggui.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 248kb
Version: v3.5
Date: 12 Dec 2023
Author: Kevin Taddeucci (ktadd)
Submitter: ktadd
Homepage: http://ktadd.weebly.com/ktadds-software-page.html
Requirements: OS4 - ffmpeg v 6.0 or grater program must be installed first. MUIMPlayer, MPlayer or ffplay, optional.
Category: video/convert
Replaces: video/convert/ffmpeggui.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 12759
Comments: 29
Snapshots: 12
Videos: 0
Downloads: 211  (Current version)
2879  (Accumulated)
Votes: 10 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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ffmpegGUI v3.5 -  a GUI front end for the OS4 compile of the ffmpeg program and

ffmpegGUI version 3.5 adds support for ffmpeg version 6.0 or greater.
It adds support for new video,  audio and container formats.  Some outdated
setting have been removed and some bugs fixed.  Settings file that take
of new filters have also been added.  See the change list belowfor full details.
ffmpeg v6.0 or greater is required!


ffmpegGUI is a GUI for the ffmpeg program.
It supports some basic options via the GUI and allows the user to add additional
options via a command line string gadget. This approach allows
full use of ffmpeg's features directly from the GUI interface. Hopefully
this approach make the interface attractive to both the novice and power
user. It also allows for incremental development of the GUI.

ffmpeg is a command line  program which provides the abilty to decode and encode
a large variety of video, audio, and graphics formats while supporting the
changing of various parameters along the way. It also supports such things as
saving individual video frames as graphics files as well as the reverse. 

ffmpeg can be found on OS4Depot at the URL below:


ffmpegGUI is provided without  warranty and the author cannot be held
responsible for any damage resulting from it's use.


ffmpegGUI may be freely distributed and used for any purpose. Charging
any sort of fee for this program is prohibited without written permission
from the author.  The ffmpegGUI program file and ffmpegGUI.guide file must
be distributed together.

Both files COPYRIGHT(c) 2023 by Kevin Taddeucci

History:  (Changes since last release. See archive for complete history)

Version 3.5:

Updated to support ffmpeg version 6.0 or greater. (Required!)
(Some features will not work properly with older versions.)
Added "VP9" Vidoe Codec slections. (Play with new ffplay.)
Added "webp" graphics codec to Video Codec selection.
Added "openjpeg" codec to Video Codec selection. (j2k with transparency).
Added "apng" codec to Video Codec selection for animated png creation.
Moved more commly used Video Codec slections to top of drop down.
Added "pcm_s32be" to the Audio Codec selection.
Added .webp graphics file format extension.
Added .j2k graphics file format extension.
Added .apng file format extension for animated png files.
Added .ogv file format extension for Ogg video files.
Added higher definition Video Size settings: QHD(2560x1440), UHD(3840x2160).
Added window title bar pop up menu to allow snapshotting of window position.
Added slider to Video Player Controls for seeking with MPlayer. 
Added support to use some settings when ffplay is used. (experimental)
Changed Audio Bitrate default to "No Change". Uses bitrate based acodec.
Changed Video Bitrate default to "No Change". Used defalut for vcodec.
Changed Video Frame Rate default to "No Change". Uses frame rate of input video.
Changed ffmpeg logging output to show only warnings, errors and status.
Removed "j2k" from Video Codec selections. Use "openjpeg" instead.
Removed "jpegls" from Video Codec selections. Use "openjpeg" instead.
Removed "h261" and "h263" from Video Codec selections. Use "h263p" instead.
Removed ""msmpeg4" from Video Codec selections. Use ""msmpeg4v2" instead.
Removed "wmv1" from Video Codec selections. Use "wmv2" instead.
Removed "rv10" and "rv20" VIdeo Codec selections. Not used anymore.
Removed "pcm_s8" from Audio Codec selections. Use "pcm_s16le instead.
Removed all "amr" setting from Audio Codec. Used for very old cellphones.
Removed "Pre-definced setups for old Cellphone formats.
Removed Video Size setting: 240x176, 368x208, 416x176, 960x540, 960x640.
(A warning is thrown if a settings file uses removed settings. Change and
Removed warning about mp3 library bug, since bug has been fixed.
Removed full player control support for MUIMPlayer.
Removed saved files for all old cellphone formats.

New Menus:
Added "About Video Player" selection to "Project Menu".
Added "Help ffmpeg" to "Help Menu" to diplay ffmepg help.
Added "Encoders" to "Help Menu" to show ffmpeg supported encoders.
Added "Decoders" to "Help Menu" to show ffmpeg supported decoders.
Added "Formats" to "Help Menu" to show ffmpeg supported formats.
Added "Saved Setups" to "Help Menu" for quick access to section.
New Tooltype:
Added a "VERBOSE_OUTPUT" tooltype. When enabled, ffmpeg outputs verbose logging.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed all compiler warnings from new gcc version.
Fixed Bug where "Start Offset" & "Duration" were cleared when copy codecs were
Fixed Bug where PAD Hieght did not decrease properly when '-' was clicked.      
New settings files included with verson 3.5: 
(See "Saved Setups" section of guide file for how to use.)
Settings/Graphics drawer:
Video_frames to jpeg2k_picts_1_per_sec_for_10sec.ffmp
Video_frames to jpeg2k_pictures_1st_second.ffmp
Settings/Video drawer:

Version 3.4
   Changed ffmpeg Version checking to not warn about versions greater then 2.x.
    Updated "Picture_Audio->Movie(mp4) settings to produce higher quality video.

    Added the following settings file found in Video directory:
      - Video_Thumb_png_picts_96x64.ffmp - Create thumbnail pictures from video
usable for Icons.
      - Mirror_Half_Video.ffmp - Splits video in half horizontaly and mirrors
    Added the following settings files found in Audio/Audio_to_waveform_videos
    (Converts audio file to video which plays audio and displays various
waveform types.)
         - Audio_to_cline_Waveform_Vidieo.ffmp
         - Audio_to_Freq_Scale_No_Text_Video.ffmp
         - Audio_to_Freq_Scale_With_Text_Video.ffmp
         - Audio_to_Line_Waveform_Video.ffmp
         - Audio_to_P2P_Waveform_Video.ffmp
         - Audio_to_Point_Waveform_Video.ffmp
         - Audio_to_ShowFrequencies_Video.ffmp
         - Audio_to_VectorScope.Video.ffmp             

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