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 Readme for:  Video » Misc » avcodec.lha


Description: Audio and Video decoding library for OS4
Download: avcodec.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 8Mb
Version: 53.611
Date: 02 Oct 2012
Author: Diego Casorran
Submitter: Diego Casorran
Email: diegocr/users sf net
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1 Update 4
Category: video/misc
Replaces: video/misc/avcodec.lha
License: LGPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 7432
Comments: 5
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 995  (Current version)
1348  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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 _____  ___  __  ____   ____    __| _/ ____   ____
 \__  \ \  \/ /_/ ___\ /  _ \  / __ |_/ __ \_/ ___\
  / __ \_\   / \  \___(  <_> )/ /_/ |\  ___/\  \___
 (____  / \_/   \___  >\____/ \____ | \___  >\___  >
      \/            \/             \/     \/     \/
   Audio and Video decoding library Version 53.611

This is a  Native Shared Library  for AmigaOS4  to decode
audio and video streams,  it is  based on the well  known
FFmpeg's libavcodec library.

This version is based on  FFmpeg 0.10.3 "Freedom"   which
was  released  on  2012-05-06.  It is  the latest  stable
FFmpeg release from the 0.10 release branch,which was cut
from master on 2012-01-26. Amongst lots of other changes,
it includes all changes from ffmpeg-mt, libav  master  of
2012-01-26, libav 0.8.2 as of 2012-05-06.

Unlike previous versions, 53.x+ does  *not*  requires nor
uses external codecs as these available from libs:avcodec
basically  because  everything is  build-in.  You'll find
three libraries on the archive, altivec, non-altivec, and
debug builds. Please use the debug one to report bugs.

Such DEBUG version will open  a CON  window  where  it'll
print its messages,  if you are a FFplay/FFmpeg  user you
should be familiar with them. You can control the  amount
of messages by the use of an environment variable.

shell> setenv AVCODEC_LOGLEVEL 16

Possible values are:

- AV_LOG_QUIET    -8
 \ No debug messages at all.

- AV_LOG_PANIC     0
 \ Something went really wrong and we will crash now.

- AV_LOG_FATAL     8
 \ Something went wrong and recovery is not possible.

- AV_LOG_ERROR    16
 \ Something went wrong and can't losslessly be recovered

 \ Something somehow does not look correct.

- AV_LOG_INFO     32
 \ Include informational messages.

 \ Verbose messages printing.

- AV_LOG_DEBUG    48
 \ Stuff which is only useful for libav* developers.

Other environment variables available are:

- AVCODEC_TRICKS: When enabled certain tricks are used
  which may or may not causes a noticeable speed up,
  depends on the system and/or codec...

- AVCODEC_LOWRES: Same as the FFmpeg option.
  (ie, setting it to 1 halves the size of the video)

Supported Decoders:

AAC                     CSCD                    MJPEGB
AAC_LATM                CYUV                    MLP
AASC                    DCA                     MMVIDEO
AC3                     DFA                     MOTIONPIXELS
ADPCM_4XM               DIRAC                   MP1
ADPCM_ADX               DNXHD                   MP1FLOAT
ADPCM_CT                DPX                     MP2
ADPCM_EA                DSICINAUDIO             MP2FLOAT
ADPCM_EA_R1             DVBSUB                  MP3ADU
ADPCM_EA_R2             DVDSUB                  MP3ADUFLOAT
ADPCM_EA_R3             DVVIDEO                 MP3FLOAT
ADPCM_EA_XAS            DXTORY                  MP3ON4
ADPCM_G722              EAC3                    MP3ON4FLOAT
ADPCM_G726              EACMV                   MPC7
ADPCM_IMA_AMV           EAMAD                   MPC8
ADPCM_IMA_APC           EATGQ                   MPEG1VIDEO
ADPCM_IMA_DK3           EATGV                   MPEG2VIDEO
ADPCM_IMA_DK4           EATQI                   MPEG4
ADPCM_IMA_QT            ESCAPE124               MSMPEG4V3
ADPCM_IMA_SMJPEG        ESCAPE130               MSRLE
ADPCM_IMA_WAV           FFV1                    MSVIDEO1
ADPCM_IMA_WS            FFVHUFF                 MSZH
ADPCM_MS                FFWAVESYNTH             MXPEG
ADPCM_SBPRO_2           FLAC                    NELLYMOSER
ADPCM_SBPRO_3           FLIC                    NUV
ADPCM_SBPRO_4           FLV                     PAM
ADPCM_SWF               FOURXM                  PBM
ADPCM_THP               FRAPS                   PCM_ALAW
ADPCM_XA                FRWU                    PCM_BLURAY
ADPCM_YAMAHA            G723_1                  PCM_DVD
ALAC                    G729                    PCM_F32BE
ALS                     GIF                     PCM_F32LE
AMRNB                   GSM                     PCM_F64BE
AMRWB                   GSM_MS                  PCM_F64LE
AMV                     H261                    PCM_LXF
ANM                     H263                    PCM_MULAW
ANSI                    H263I                   PCM_S16BE
APE                     H264                    PCM_S16LE
ASS                     HUFFYUV                 PCM_S16LE_PLANAR
ASV1                    IDCIN                   PCM_S24BE
ASV2                    IDF                     PCM_S24DAUD
ATRAC1                  IFF_BYTERUN1            PCM_S24LE
ATRAC3                  IFF_ILBM                PCM_S32BE
AURA                    IMC                     PCM_S32LE
AURA2                   INDEO2                  PCM_S8
AVRP                    INDEO3                  PCM_S8_PLANAR
AVS                     INDEO4                  PCM_U16BE
BETHSOFTVID             INDEO5                  PCM_U16LE
BFI                     INTERPLAY_DPCM          PCM_U24BE
BINK                    INTERPLAY_VIDEO         PCM_U24LE
BINKAUDIO_DCT           JPEG2000                PCM_U32BE
BINKAUDIO_RDFT          JPEGLS                  PCM_U32LE
BINTEXT                 JV                      PCM_U8
BMP                     KGV1                    PCM_ZORK
BMV_AUDIO               KMVC                    PCX
BMV_VIDEO               LAGARITH                PGM
C93                     LOCO                    PGMYUV
CAVS                    MACE3                   PGSSUB
CDGRAPHICS              MACE6                   PICTOR
CINEPAK                 MDEC                    PPM
CLJR                    MIMIC                   PRORES
COOK                    MJPEG                   PRORES_LGPL
PTX                     SUNRAST                 VORBIS
QCELP                   SVQ1                    VP3
QDM2                    SVQ3                    VP5
QDRAW                   TARGA                   VP6
QPEG                    THEORA                  VP6A
QTRLE                   THP                     VP6F
R10K                    TIERTEXSEQVIDEO         VP8
R210                    TIFF                    VQA
RA_144                  TMV                     WAVPACK
RA_288                  TRUEHD                  WMALOSSLESS
RAWVIDEO                TRUEMOTION1             WMAPRO
RL2                     TRUEMOTION2             WMAV1
ROQ                     TRUESPEECH              WMAV2
ROQ_DPCM                TTA                     WMAVOICE
RPZA                    TWINVQ                  WMV1
RV10                    TXD                     WMV2
RV20                    ULTI                    WMV3
RV30                    UTVIDEO                 WMV3IMAGE
RV40                    V210                    WNV1
S302M                   V210X                   WS_SND1
SGI                     V308                    XAN_DPCM
SHORTEN                 V410                    XAN_WC3
SIPR                    VB                      XAN_WC4
SMACKAUD                VBLE                    XBIN
SMACKER                 VC1                     XL
SMC                     VC1IMAGE                XSUB
SNOW                    VCR1                    XWD
SOL_DPCM                VMDAUDIO                Y41P
SONIC                   VMDVIDEO                YOP
SP5X                    VMNC                    YUV4

Released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

 Copyright (c) 2004-2008 Csaba Simon
 Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Diego Casorran

This version is sponsored by the following people, thank you :-)

Allan Cairns, Andreas Stenberg, Daniel Jedlicka, David Braconnier,
Dwayne Jarvis, Eero Rantanen, Enrico Zinne, Erik Amundsen, Frank Ruthe,
Frank Tully, Gianni Galgani, Greg Condon, Guillaume Boesel, Hans De Ruiter,
Heiko Gyrok, Javier De Las Rivas, Juan Carlos Herrán Martín, Julian Margetson,
Krister Skrtic, Lars Nelson, Lionel MULLER, Mario Locati, Markku Heikkinen,
Martin Bengtsson, Mikael Rantanen, Niels Bache, Paul Moore, Przemyslaw Apollo,
Richard Brady, Robert Mattin, Simone Monsignori, Sinan Gürkan, Thomas Kölsch,
and William Eaves.

Special Greetings to the following people for their help during development:

Philippe Bovier, Philippe Ferrucci, Csaba Simon, Stephen Fellner,
Mehdi Boulahia, Thomas Blatt, and Hubert Maier.

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avcodec_lib.lha51.52932kb09 Feb 20084.02675¤ Avcodec_lib - Audio and Video codec library for OS4
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