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 Readme for:  Video » Play » liveforit-mplayer.lha


Description: Mplayer optimized for Radeon HD
Download: liveforit-mplayer.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 15Mb
Version: 6.4
Date: 14 Jan 2015
Author: Kjetil Hvalstrand
Submitter: Kjetil Hvalstrand
Homepage: http://lifeofliveforit.blogspot.no/search/label/MPlayer
Category: video/play
Replaces: video/play/liveforit-mplayer.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 9120
Comments: 40
Snapshots: 1
Videos: 0
Downloads: 839  (Current version)
1759  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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LiveForIt-Mplayer V6.4

LiveForIt-Mplayer was created because there was a need for a mplayer optimized
RadeonHD as it does not have overlay support, (and support G4 and PA6T with
the first version gave you vo_comp, bitmaps with hardware scaling, 
allot of work as been put into fixing bugs in AREXX, initiation and shutdown
code for AmigaOS, to make it better product.

The 6.x version gives you yet again a new video output comp_yuv and comp_yuv2, 
this video modes have support yuv420p bitmaps rendered and scaled by the GPU.
this also have support for DRI short for direct rendering.

To use this modes you need AmigaOS4.1 Final and latest RadeonHD 4.2 drivers,
if not it will fall back on comp or cgx_wpa video outputs, and mplayer will run

This MPlayer is based on work by many developers, some of the names:
Ka1e, Kjetil Hvalstrand, Andrea Palmate, Fabien Coeurjoly, Jörg strohmayer, 
DET Nicolas, Diego Biurrum, Felix Bunemann, Ryan C. Fordon and many more

This open source project we who work on this project for AmigaOS, are not making
a liveing improvineg this code, this project is not paying for expenses,
who work on mplayer does so when they like to, and what they like to do. We have
NOT signed a contract nor to deliver feature X, nor have we agreed to a bounty. 
If you donate you do so because you like what developer has done, not because
you think he should do this or that in the future. 
Some developers are good at some things, some are good at other things,
we do what we know how to.

Any problems you have should be reported to bug tracker:

Other issues and things you like to rapport can done in the forum:

Beta testing: 
Samo76, K-L (Mehdi), Severin, Tommy Sammy. Mike Brantly.
Jean-François Bachelet, Sinan Gürkan, David Aiau, Nick Clover,
Anthony Bandiera, Sinan Gurkan

Thanks to every one has benchmarked for me: 
Tlosm (Luigi), mr2.

Thanks to all who have donated: 
Helge, Harkku, Thomas, Trevor, Thomas, Kaprnh, Michael
Matthew, Karsten, BAL Xavier, Kevin, Julian, Boulahia, Ole-Egil.
Guillaume, Krister, Richard.

And thanks to Michael T. for some help.

Version 6.4 (Mplayer 1.1.1)

* Removed debug output from 
	stream.c, cache2.c, mplayer.c, vo_comp_yuv2.c, vo_comp_yuv.

* Formated some text in:

* Replaced video output PIP with P96_pip video output.

* Fixed OSD for CGX_WPA.

* Fixed SDL video output, window mode now is default.

* Added NODMA and NODRI option for COMP_YUV2 and COMP_YUV.

* Fixed a bug in COMP_YUV, colors where not copied correct, 
	If the picture was drawn by 16 pixels slices of the height,
	(y offset was ignored), insted of by frame or DRI.

* Fixed ARexx dead lock issue (for MplayerGUI).

Version 6.3 (Mplayer 1.1.1)

* Removed GetBitMapAttr( bm, BMA_Width ) does not work with new libs.

* Small changes in codec buffer to ram bitmap copy routines.
	now use MemCopyQuick() instead of MemCopy().

Version 6.2 (Mplayer 1.1.1)

* Fixed a bug that can crash mplayer when its started in comp_yuv.

* Salved a audio/video sync problem with video by threading comp_yuv,
	because of the amount of data  needed to process in the page_flip, 
	pluss the wait for vertical blanker in mplayer slows down the video decoding,
	mplayer can now use the CPU power it has more efficient, this can result in
	higher CPU load, but should improve playback on high definition video.
	new version of comp_yuv is comp_yuv2, I kept the old one for testing.
	see -vo help, for more info. 

	Note: The extra complexity can make vo look slower on some benchmarks,
	vc speed should have increased in speed, (but benchmarks are unrealistic 
	becouse they do more OSD and PAGE_FLIPS then when you run it normally.)

* comp_yuv2 Fixed OSD text rendering bug when video support direct rendering. 

* replaced more of 32bit off_t (offset type) shit by replaceing it with int64_t,

	1000 of placed in the code, this should not be needed if the SDK supported 
	#define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS 64 (please add support for it in the SDK)

	I hope large file support has improved.

* vo_comp is now clean from CyberGfx and Picasso96 stuff, 
	now only use graphic.library. (Min graphic.library version is now 54, 
	RectFillColor needs it.)

* DVD: Disabled output window 

* DVD: Removed some silly debug text.

Version 6.1 (Mplayer 1.1.1)

* Comp_yuv: Fixed green line on top of window/screen 

* Fixed problem finding all screen modes.

* Tryed to incress AHI buffer, (hope audio gets better.)

* Rewrote args for video outputs.
	vo:help now supported.

* fixed support for monitor.
	vo:monitor=0 is for first monitor, 
	vo:monitor=1 is for second monitor.

* comp_yuv, comp_yuv & cgx_wpa now respect monitor nr.
	(Sorry don't think this can be done for overlay PIP / p96_PIP)

* comp_yuv, now respects -monitoraspect command line argument.

* comp_yuv: default monitor aspect is now taken for named public screen, 
	if your using vo:pubscreen=dopus.1 (in case you have two monitors) 
	(else its taken from workbench screen, like before)

Version 6.0 (Mplayer 1.1.1)

* Fixed green line on top of videos.

* New MPlayer source code from MplayerHQ
See MplayerHQ.changelog for more information about changes from HQ.
(Most impatent replaced AAC codec, no more crashes)

* New FFMPEG 2.2
See FFMPEG change log for more information.

* Fixed Direct Rendering (DR) support added to comp_yuv, some codecs will use
this improve speed by moving less data around, (some problems with subtitles).

* Fixed MPEG codec, so that DR works with interleaved yuv420p bitmaps.
(MPEG codec expects non interleaved yuv420p bitmaps and check bpr)

* Added Prefetch buffer to prevent inefficiency in device io of AmigaOS.
(This fixes slow dvd read speed)

* ported AHI_DEV to version 1.1.1, changed timing, and reduced buffer size.
(done to fix lip sync issue)

Version 5.5 (Mplayer 1.0RC5)

* Comp_yuv.
Composition with yuv420 bitmap support.

* Fixed -x and -y option to auto scaling works when resizing window.

* comp:argb is now comp:32, comp:rgb is now comp:24.
Comp:16 exist for 16bit rgb video output (this was just a experiment).

Changes V5.1 (Mplayer 1.0RC5)

* Added support for comp::rgb and comp::argb option, (does not yet work for
* Workaround for SDL bug, program quits fine now.
* Fix for DSI error when using mplayer with -vo comp::PUBSCREEN=DOPUS.1
* Uppercase/lowcase now works for video output args
* Made screen title standard for p96_pip/cgx_wpa/comp
* Fixed screen Blanker
* Moved code to center window to gfx_common.c, this effects p96_pip, cgx_wpa and
* Fixes to get mplayer compiling with newest SDK
* Fix for ARexx ASync problem

Changes V4.2 (Mplayer 1.0RC5)

* Fixed Arexx GetTimeLength.

Changes V4.1 (Mplayer 1.0RC5)

* Fixed triple buffer in p96_pip
* Added aspect ratio for windows after resizeing.
* FIxed ARexx so it works while playing audio files.
* Fixed ARexx so "Address Mplayer.1;VOLUME 100 ABS" works.
* Fixed ARexx so you don't get error codes, changed to use result instead.
* ARexx now you get RC = -3 if command is not found.
* ARexx HELP now returns all commands Mplayer supports.

Changes V3.1 (Mplayer 1.0RC5)

* FIxed p96 fullscreen
* Fixed aspect ratio for p96 (boken in my version)
* Added aspect ratio for vo_comp
* Copyed "double click" to full-screen event code from old p96_pip to
* Center windows when they open first time.
Changes V2.1 beta 2 (Mplayer 1.0RC5)

* Fixed mouse buttons, events in vo_p96_pip.
* Tryed to fix p96 fullscreen

Changes V2.1 (Mplayer 1.0RC5)

* Added mouse wheel support
* Removed flickering when resizing, fixed to composition is rendered into the
window, not on top.
* ARexx support enabled
* Fixed bad startup / Exit bug.
* Renamed some stuff.

Changes V1.1 (Mplayer 1.0RC5)

* Recompiled nonaltivec version.

Changes V1.0 (Mplayer 1.0RC5)

* cgx_wpa has been changed from RGB to ARGB.
* Fixed som async problem whit cgx_wpa.
* Added Mutex protection to some parts of code to prevent DSI errors.
* This version of mplayer use a newer LibPNG then orignal one used by orignal
Amiga version.
* All the library stuff has been moved into amiga_stuff.c
* Fixed lockup problem when closing mplayer whit out a GUI, missing #ifdef
* Fixed a problem whit vo_comp where graphic was zoomed in after resizing
* Fixed a problem whit vo_comp because ffmpeg was initialized wrong for this
output driver.
* Purged vo_p96_pip removed all GUI stuff. (a bit broken now, but works, will be
fixed in som other version)
* Renamed pip to p96_pip for compatibility.

Known bugs:
* AREXX support is not working in this version.
* vo_p96_pip sucks.

To Do List:
* investigate the mystery CPU too slow message from AHI DEV.
* The aspect correction in full screen.
* Fix full screen and pause for pip.

For older/other changes see this link:

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
liveforit-mplayerng.lha6.5.717Mb15 Aug 20154.1677¤ Liveforit-MPlayerNG - MPlayerNG altivec/nonaltivec
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