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Audio playing applications

Files in this category  [View flat]

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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ct2mgm_sf.lha2Mb19 May 064.0456¤ Ct2mgm_sf - A soundfont for programs like TiMidity
mdxplay.lha770kb09 Apr 084.0152¤ Mdxplay - Commandline MDX player
msxplugplay.lha1Mb25 Mar 084.0109¤ Msxplugplay - Commandline mgs/kss music player
ptplaysrc.lha129kb15 Mar 094.0245¤ Ptplaysrc - AHI protracker mod player (Source)
rawplay.lha88kb26 Sep 044.0537¤ Rawplay - Play any file as audio output
stsndplay.lha549kb26 Mar 084.0126¤ Stsndplay - Commandline .sndh music player
timidity_setup.lha76kb17 Feb 124.0170¤ Timidity_setup - Help Installing Timidity
amimod.lha0.11Mb10 Apr 174.166¤ Amimod - A simple player to play mod (protracker) files.
borplay.lha0.1.147kb17 Mar 094.0215¤ Borplay - BOR music player
jacktunes.lha0.22Mb26 Oct 144.194¤ JackTunes - An iTunes Library player for AmigaOS
deejayd.lha0.2alpha505kb17 Oct 094.0226¤ Deejayd - DJ type music player with fading etc.
gmp.lha0.3.0282kb23 Jul 064.0245¤ Gmp - Game Music Player - Plays video game music
softsyn.lha0.3.127Mb15 Nov 124.0216¤ Softsyn - A software Synthesizer for OS4
sexypsf.lha0.4.8129kb10 Apr 084.0210¤ Sexypsf - Commandline PSF/miniPSF player
timidity.lha0.7510kb05 Feb 084.0739¤ Timidity - TiMidity - MIDI-files player/converter
playgsf.lha0.7.1743kb04 Mar 084.0305¤ Playgsf - .gsf/.minigsf player
amp.lha0.7.6r1103kb20 Jun 044.0515¤ Amp - amp 0.7.6 (old) mpeg player.
tinysid.lha0.9436kb27 Aug 104.0186¤ Tinysid - A small, multiplatform SID player
songwrangler.lha0.95170kb25 Jan 164.170¤ SongWrangler - An iTunes like front end for AmigaAMP3
ami-playmod.lha1.02Mb05 May 104.0291¤ Ami-playmod - ProTracker MOD player
amigaamp_play-pause.lha1.06kb16 Nov 094.0318¤ Amigaamp_play-pause - AmigaAmp Play/Pause
datatype_sound_signal.lha1.0644kb04 Mar 134.0198¤ Datatype_sound_signal - Use of Sound datatype with messaging inter-prog
noteplayer.lha1.018kb06 Sep 154.195¤ Noteplayer - Play notes at command line
organyaplayer.lha1.076kb27 Dec 104.1167¤ Organyaplayer - plays Organya (.org) music (From Cave Story etc)
scplayer.lha1.0822kb15 Jan 114.0161¤ Scplayer - A player for Sam Coupe (.cop/.sng) music
shellplayer.lha1.06kb18 Oct 074.0176¤ Shellplayer - ptplay.library based commandline .mod-player
vgmstreamplay.lha1.0290kb28 Dec 104.1614¤ Vgmstreamplay - Plays over 200 modern videogame music formats!
klysplay.lha1.184kb27 Dec 104.0155¤ Klysplay - Klystrack commandline player
pmdplay.lha1.1114kb04 May 094.0235¤ Pmdplay - Commandline P/ECE (.pmd) music player
daplayer.lha1.12859kb14 Oct 144.0165¤ Digital Audio Player - A digital audio player for Amiga
jackcharts.lha1.24Mb04 Dec 124.1161¤ Jackcharts - iTunes Chart Commodity for your Workbench
ptplay.lha1.235kb04 Oct 044.0602¤ Ptplay - AHI protracker mod player
stsound.lha1.2-3718kb15 Oct 074.0181¤ Stsound - plays ym ATARI tunes (with source)
sdl_players.lha1.2.61Mb01 Oct 054.0355¤ Sdl_players - SDL Music Players
amc.lha1.2235Mb23 Sep 134.0190¤ AMC - Amiga Media Center
proplayer.lha1.383kb13 Nov 044.0548¤ Proplayer - AHI Protracker player
vspcplay.lha1.3339kb28 Jul 064.0191¤ Vspcplay - VSPCPlay a Super Nintendo Music Player/Tool.
pt-player-gui.lha1.449kb02 Oct 044.0469¤ Pt-player-gui - Protracker Player GUI
rnoinfoscreen.lha1.48Mb07 Aug 174.034¤ RNOInfoScreen - Music player front-end and info screen
adplay.lha1.69Mb19 Sep 074.0308¤ Adplay - A command line player for Ad Lib music modules
adplaybasic.lha1.62Mb20 Sep 074.0125¤ Adplaybasic - A command line player for Ad Lib music modules
diamplay.lha1.651kb01 Nov 114.0286¤ Diamplay - MED and MOD player using low-level AHI
playcdda_gui.lha1.792kb25 Nov 114.0410¤ Playcdda_gui - Play CD audio tracks using AHI
dg_midi_player.lha2.0.11369kb20 Dec 124.0147¤ Dg_midi_player - Simple MIDI player
vsp.lha2.002Mb14 Jun 164.073¤ Vintage Player - An easy mod, mp3, ogg and wav Vintage Player
anotherxg_sf.lha2.129Mb27 May 064.0606¤ Anotherxg_sf - AnotherXG - soundfont
uade-src.tar.bz22.13r83Mb25 Aug 124.154¤ Uade-src - OS4 UADE + TuneNet plugin source code
uade.lha2.13r82Mb25 Aug 124.1222¤ Uade - Unix Amiga Delitr. Emu + TuneNet plugin
amigaamp-full.lha2.22408kb03 Aug 094.0842¤ Amigaamp-full - MPEG audio player with GUI
zxssk.lha2.3456kb07 Sep 124.096¤ Zxssk - ZX-Spectrum sound kit
sc68.lha2.3.01Mb17 Oct 054.0255¤ Sc68 - Plays Atari ST and Amiga music (.sc68 format)
mpg123.lha20100831525kb30 Aug 104.0166¤ Mpg123 - A commandline MP3 player.
sirenaplayer.lha3.003Mb01 Mar 154.084¤ SirenaPlayer - An easy mod, mp3, ogg and wav Vintage Player
raplay.lha3.1266kb01 Jan 074.0437¤ Raplay - Play/decode RealAudio v1/2/3 files (+src)
asap.lha3.1.2272kb31 Jul 124.1176¤ Asap - Another Slight Atari Player
amigaamp3.lha3.162Mb30 Jul 164.1333¤ AmigaAMP3 - Multi format audio player with GUI
audacious-src.lha3.2r33Mb30 Nov 124.144¤ Audacious-src - Sources of the Audacious package
audacious.lha3.2r413Mb19 Mar 134.1339¤ Audacious - An audio-player for AmiCygnix based on XMMS
sid4amiga.lha3.40b5371kb19 Sep 044.0488¤ Sid4amiga - Sid4Amiga C64 Music Player
simpleplay.lha3.8591kb31 Jul 094.0593¤ Simpleplay - Plays MP3 OGG WAV VOC MOD S3M IT XM MIDI
xmp.lha4.1(3.9.0)431kb15 Mar 134.0205¤ Xmp - XMP multi-module player + TuneNet plugin
mtpng.lha4.3.169kb05 Nov 084.0305¤ Mtpng - MegaTracker Player, the Next Generation
ahxplay.lha51.273kb15 Apr 064.0505¤ Ahxplay - Ahxplay.library + command line player
camdplay.lha53.271kb13 Sep 144.0193¤ Camdplay - A MIDI file player
insaneplaya.lha53.334kb24 Nov 114.1296¤ Insaneplaya - A CD player with GUI and AHI output
sunshinelive.lhaFinal293b19 Aug 124.1335¤ Sunshinelive - Sunshine-Live music radio stream plugin
gus_soundfont.lharelease430Mb05 Feb 094.0680¤ Gus_soundfont - GravisUltraSound Patches/Soundfont
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