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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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amr_dt.lha0.1211kb05 Nov 20084.0354¤ Amr_dt - 3GPP AMR datatype
aud_dt.lha0.122kb21 Aug 20084.0385¤ Aud_dt - .AUD sound datatype
au_dt.lzx50.234kb16 Aug 20064.0511¤ Au_dt - Sun .au/NeXT .snd datatype with source
bonk_dt.lha0.2173kb18 Dec 20084.0367¤ Bonk_dt - Bonk sound datatype
flacdt.lha50.162kb30 Oct 20084.0534¤ Flacdt - FLAC Datatype
maud_dt.lha52.137kb02 May 20094.0393¤ Maud_dt - IFF-MAUD (.maud) sound datatype
mpegadt.lha20.420kb28 Mar 20074.01529¤ Mpegadt - play mpeg audio files (mp3)
soundex_dt.lha50.165kb15 May 20054.0613¤ Soundex_dt - Extended OS4 sound.datatype
wave_dt.lha52.1143kb04 Apr 20094.0587¤ Wave_dt - RIFF-WAVE (.wav) sound datatype
wavpack_dt.lha0.1433kb17 Dec 20084.0333¤ Wavpack_dt - WavPack (.wv) datatype
wav_dt.lha50.414kb17 Mar 20054.0768¤ Wav_dt - Native OS4 WAV datatype
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