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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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1941-extremedx.lha1.1.148Mb14 Dec 104.0438¤ 1941-extremedx - A fast paced tyrian style 2D shooter
alienblaster.lha1.1.08Mb04 Nov 044.0328¤ Alienblaster - SDL Upside-down shoot'em up for 1 or 2 players
amistroids-sv.lha1.05Mb06 Dec 104.0132¤ Amistroids-sv - A Space Shoot 'Em Up (from the side)
amistroids.lha1.55Mb29 Aug 104.0144¤ Amistroids - A Space Shoot 'Em Up
apricots.lha0.262Mb17 Nov 054.0277¤ Apricots - Small mulitplayer Shooter , nice and fast action
banished_wings.lha1.5.6b24Mb25 Aug 104.1121¤ Banished_wings - A gently going sidescroller with space theme
battlesquadron_demo.lha10Mb20 Oct 154.0103¤ Battle Squadron - A classic remake (Demo)
candy.lha1.0.03Mb30 Oct 154.080¤ Candy - Censored by the order of the King
cdogs.lzx0.04800kb29 Jul 074.0183¤ Cdogs - A top down shoot 'em up
cdvst.lha0.18739kb17 Nov 054.0264¤ Cdvst - Fast Vertical Shoot em up with a very strange name
chromium-source.lha0.9R22Mb03 Sep 084.081¤ Chromium-source - Chromium (Source archive)
chromiumbsu.lha0.9R23Mb12 Jun 104.1220¤ Chromiumbsu - Chromium B.S.U. a mouse controlled shmup
classicinvaders.lha1.05Mb26 Apr 094.0177¤ Classicinvaders - Classic Invaders
criticalmass-src.lhaR211Mb05 Apr 094.055¤ Criticalmass-src - Critical Mass source archive
criticalmass.lhastaticr27Mb05 Apr 094.0167¤ Criticalmass - a space shmup. recompiled with static libs.
crossfire2_demo.lha1.0411Mb13 Oct 134.0105¤ Crossfire II Demo - AmigaOS 4.0 demo version for Crossfire II
cyclone.lha0.2.111Mb06 Dec 054.0295¤ Cyclone - Smooth scrolling shoot em up.
dangen.lha0.31Mb04 Nov 064.0189¤ Dangen - The successor of Tenmado, an abstract JAP shooter!
defendguin.lha0.0.103Mb22 Oct 044.0174¤ Defendguin - A bidirect. scrolling space game based on Defender
dodgindiamondii.lha0.2.1705kb28 Oct 054.0263¤ Dodgindiamondii - OldSchool 1or2player Vertical shoot em up.
duel2.lha3Mb03 Jul 094.0105¤ Duel2 - A two player shmup.
falsoyd.lha0.92Mb14 Oct 054.0272¤ Falsoyd - A little shoot-em-up on your desktop
formido.lha1.04Mb07 Nov 044.0241¤ Formido - SDL top-view shooter orgy for 1 player
gardencolouredlights.lha1.062Mb30 Jun 094.1120¤ Gardencolouredlights - Garden of Coloured Lights
gnuvszombie.lha1.0.016Mb19 Dec 154.055¤ GNU versus Zombie - Rotten tomatoes
grenslim.lha268kb03 Jul 094.0183¤ Grenslim - a small shmup.
heroesofroswell.lha0.13Mb19 Nov 054.0331¤ Heroesofroswell - Vertical ShootEmup with good theme and gfx
hocoslamfy.lha1.015Mb19 Dec 154.047¤ Hocoslamfy - Fly to avoid the bamboo shoots
insanerz_shooter.lha0.511Mb29 Jan 094.0241¤ Insanerz_shooter - A galaga clone
invasion500.lha0.93Mb15 Nov 104.0123¤ Invasion500 - Space invaders clone but...
ketm.lha0.62Mb19 Nov 054.0279¤ Ketm - A Very stylish Shoot Em up
kobodeluxe.lha0.4pre91Mb28 Dec 084.0162¤ Kobodeluxe - An addictive and fast-paced shoot-em-up
kuklomenos.lha0.3.1939kb30 Oct 084.0130¤ Kuklomenos - An abstract vector shoot em up
kuklomenossrc.lha0.2.3.2396kb15 Sep 084.0116¤ Kuklomenossrc - Kuklomenos sources
lacewing.lha1.10886kb04 Dec 094.1143¤ Lacewing - An abstract arena shooter
lightdroid.lha2.3151Mb31 Aug 094.0181¤ Lightdroid - Colorful french shootemup
lightningspirit2.lha1.0.037Mb18 Mar 124.0135¤ Lightningspirit2 - Colorful french shootemup
lonesome.lha4.371Mb11 May 094.0136¤ Lonesome - Colorful french shootemup
mace_demo.lha38Mb25 Jul 134.1207¤ M.A.C.E. Demo - A classic space shoot'em up
maelstrom.lha3.0.61Mb21 Dec 054.0283¤ Maelstrom - Asteroids clone with networking option
misscmd.lha0.882kb02 Nov 064.0276¤ Misscmd - Missile Command clone
mobiusskies.lha5Mb18 Aug 104.1212¤ Mobiusskies - a nice horizontal shmup!
noiz2sa.lha1.110Mb17 May 124.0123¤ Noiz2sa - An abstract shoot'em up game by Kenta Cho
nvaders.lha9Mb22 Jun 094.1143¤ Nvaders - A space Invaders clone.
odyssee.lha1.115Mb09 Apr 094.0172¤ Odyssee - Colorful french shootemup
opentyrian.lha#6716Mb02 Jan 084.0477¤ Opentyrian - Open-source reimplementation of DOS game Tyrian
overgod.lha2Mb05 Jan 104.1126¤ Overgod - An abstract arena shmup.
postal.lha2Mb04 Jan 174.1173¤ Postal Plus - Amiga OS4.1 Port of Postal Plus
powermanga.lha0.797Mb26 Oct 044.0319¤ Powermanga - Free SDL based 2D-Shooter
randomshooter.lha1Mb03 Mar 084.0186¤ Randomshooter - A small shooter
rrootagesrc.lha0.235Mb18 Oct 084.074¤ Rrootagesrc - rRootage sources
sdl-fighter.lha0.52Mb18 Oct 054.0274¤ Sdl-fighter - A small horizontal Shoot em up
sdlasteroids.lha0.8.13Mb01 Nov 094.0132¤ Sdlasteroids - Asteroids clone supporting local multiplayer
sdlroids.lha1.3.4579kb22 Nov 054.0264¤ Sdlroids - Yet Another Asteroids clone
sdlsopwith.lha1.7.1192kb06 Jul 084.0206¤ Sdlsopwith - A remake of the DOS classic Sopwith
sdlsopwithsrc.lha1.7.1256kb20 Jul 084.080¤ Sdlsopwithsrc - SDLSopwith sources
sf.lha1.647Mb03 Nov 164.0150¤ Starfighter - Space Game
shippy1984.lha416kb28 Jun 074.0244¤ Shippy1984 - A very good and stylish retro shoot 'em up.
shmupacabra.lha1.1.134Mb31 Oct 154.054¤ Shmupacabra - Simple bullet hell shmup for free
shootemup_demo.lha0.22Mb30 Apr 094.0109¤ Shootemup_demo - Early beta of a 2D shoot em up game in a 3D world
shrapnel.lha1Mb23 Apr 094.0137¤ Shrapnel - a small shoot em up
simplevaders.lha3Mb03 Sep 084.0154¤ Simplevaders - a space invaders clone
slingshot.lha1.06Mb22 Aug 104.1105¤ Slingshot - Slingshot the space game.
solarconquest-src.lha0.2140kb03 Sep 084.0132¤ Solarconquest-src - a space shmup (source archive)
solarconquest.lha0.23Mb03 Sep 084.0152¤ Solarconquest - a space shmup
spacemonster.lha0.3798kb21 Mar 084.0198¤ Spacemonster - A Space Invaders clone
spacewar.lha0.3435kb26 Oct 064.0227¤ Spacewar - A simple 2 player shooter
space_war.lha1.07Mb25 Aug 104.1100¤ Space_war - A space shoot 'em up game
spirit.lha1.328Mb15 Apr 094.0157¤ Spirit - Colorful french shootemup
starfighter.lha1.16Mb23 Oct 044.0312¤ Starfighter - Project: Starfighter (SDL Shoot 'Em Up) *BUGFIX*
stargun.lha0.21Mb23 Oct 054.0429¤ Stargun - A space shooter, vertical scroller game
stroids3d.lha0.9b3Mb15 Mar 094.045¤ Stroids3d - Stroids 3D, SDL/OpenGL
symphony.lha3.0139Mb09 Apr 094.0157¤ Symphony - Colorful french shootemup
targetacquired.lha0.1271kb23 Nov 054.0261¤ Targetacquired - Yet Another Vertical scrolling shootem up.
tenmado.lha0.7925kb04 Nov 064.0196¤ Tenmado - A good, modern, abstract shoot 'em up
thunderslash.lha1.333Mb17 Mar 124.0116¤ Thunderslash - Colorful french shootemup type Thunder Force
tirititran.lha0.9.0.135Mb19 Dec 154.073¤ Super Tirititran - 2D Arcade game
tunnel.lha1.2.11Mb25 Nov 054.0262¤ Tunnel - Weird Tunnel Racer shooter
vectoroids.lha1.1.01000kb23 Sep 054.062¤ Vectoroids - SDL action game
volta.lha2.643Mb11 May 094.0150¤ Volta - Colorful french shootemup
white_butterfly.lha1.14Mb29 Nov 094.1155¤ White_butterfly - Shoot-em-up game with strange 8-bit pastel colours
xhyperoid.lha1.2212kb26 Dec 074.0293¤ Xhyperoid - Asteroids clone
zero.lha1.0.05Mb23 Oct 154.040¤ Zero - ASCII Art Bullet Hell "Zero"
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