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AISS is an environment to store, access and maintain toolbar images.

The images are placed in two seperate drawers. The first drawer is
for the default pictures provided by AISS, while the second drawer
is for additional images by 3rd party applications.

Both directories are merged together for a big stock of images.

AISS is created by Martin "Mason" Merz
Read more at his Homepage

Files in this category  [View flat]

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
<-  /-----parent category
aiss.lha4.229Mb28 Dec 20164.11682¤ AISS - Amiga Image Storage System
aiss.pdf4.205Mb28 Dec 20164.1465¤ AISS - Documentation
aissanimshow.lha1.064kb12 May 20084.0533¤ Aissanimshow - Show all AISS anims
aisscache.lha1.08kb03 Sep 20104.0401¤ Aisscache - Shared library to cache AISS images into memory
aissview-src.lha0.1541kb01 Jan 20094.0341¤ Aissview-src - Source for AISSview
aissview.lha0.1596kb01 Jan 20094.0553¤ Aissview - Viewer for AISS images
aissviewer-src.lha0.2098kb23 Oct 20114.1298¤ Aissviewer-src - The source of AISSviewer
aissviewer.lha0.20114kb23 Oct 20114.1630¤ Aissviewer - Viewer for AISS images
amidisk_aiss.lha1.0265kb30 Nov 20074.0545¤ Amidisk_aiss - AISS Button Images for AmiDisk 2.0
tbimageviewer.lha1.293kb29 Apr 20164.1310¤ TBImageViewer - AISS image viewer based on AISSView
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