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User space dynamic libraries and similar archives.

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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
xvidcore_lib.lhalib/gra52.2269kb03 Jun 094.0737¤ Xvidcore_lib - Xvidcore codec library
xpkmaster-gluefile.lhalib/mis4kb04 Dec 064.0424¤ Xpkmaster-gluefile - xpkmaster.l.main (PPC -> M68K glue file)
webp_lib.lhalib/gra4.11Mb27 Sep 124.0138¤ Webp_lib - WebP image codec library
warposemu.lhalib/mis16.4186kb15 Mar 094.01112¤ Warposemu - WarpOS wrapper for AmigaOS4
parserutils.lhalib/mis1.5(0.1.1)538kb27 May 124.053¤ Parserutils - utility library for parser building
unilibdev.lhalib/mis5.14beta281kb22 Jul 084.0229¤ Unilibdev - Unicode code point/UTF-8 support lib
mcc_toolbar.lhalib/mui15.12106kb01 Aug 054.01682¤ Mcc_toolbar - Toolbar custom class for MUI (v15.12)
titlebar_ic.lzxlib/mis51.19kb17 Aug 064.0545¤ Titlebar_ic - titlebar.image wrapper for v50+ sysiclass
libxml2.lhalib/xml2.9.27Mb05 Nov 144.068¤ libXML2 - The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome
mcc_thebar.lhalib/mui26.162Mb22 Mar 154.0180¤ Mcc_thebar - The MUI Toolbar custom class
mcc_texteditor.lhalib/mui15.46811kb22 Mar 154.0155¤ Mcc_texteditor - TextEditor custom class for MUI
simpledt.lhalib/aud1.0877kb03 Aug 134.075¤ SimpleDT - Simple library for sound/picture datatype
ptplay_lib.lhalib/mis2.651kb14 Dec 094.0234¤ Ptplay_lib - Shared lib to play/decode protracker modules
sdl_mixer.so.lhalib/aud1.2.11858kb12 Jan 104.1784¤ Sdl_mixer - SDL_mixer + some other shared objects
reqtools.lhalib/mis42kb05 Oct 074.01167¤ Reqtools - Reqtools.library with PPC glue code
avi_lib.lhalib/mis52.2102kb19 Mar 094.0529¤ Avi_lib - Read/write .avi files
metadatalib.lhalib/mis1.142kb25 May 164.010¤ Meta data library - Read some meta data information from file
pythonssl.lhalib/mis38kb28 Jul 114.1212¤ Pythonssl - Python SSL Module
png_im.lhalib/mis53.174kb03 Sep 084.01595¤ Png_im - PNG icon loader/saver module for AmigaOS 4
jpeg_lib.lhalib/mis6.2397kb25 Sep 064.0435¤ Jpeg_lib - os4 port of the jpeg.library
mcc_nlist.lhalib/mui0.1202Mb22 Mar 154.0163¤ Mcc_nlist - NList custom classes for MUI
extreamsync.lhalib/mis1.055kb15 Jul 054.0488¤ Extreamsync - Multi-media synchronisation library
cdplayer_lib.lhalib/aud52.766kb23 Jul 124.0456¤ Cdplayer_lib - Modern replacement for cdplayer.library
microbe3d.lhalib/gra3340Mb23 Feb 154.092¤ Microbe3 - micro .obj 3D engine using Warp3D
lzo_lib.lhalib/mis53.1372kb07 Oct 144.164¤ lzo.library - LZO implemented as a shared library
lzma_lib.lhalib/mis5.1(liblz540kb11 Apr 114.0210¤ Lzma_lib - lzma/xz compression library
lz4_lib.lhalib/mis53.158kb07 Oct 144.176¤ lz4.library - LZ4 implemented as a shared library
libusb.lhalib/mis0.1.12136kb27 May 084.0133¤ Libusb - libusb port for OS4
zip_lib.lhalib/mis53.194kb03 Aug 144.1124¤ zip.library - Library for reading/writing zip files
streplay_lib.lhalib/aud52.447kb11 Aug 094.0221¤ Streplay_lib - Library for playing Soundtracker-modules
ptreplay_lib.lhalib/aud7.256kb19 Jul 094.0360¤ Ptreplay_lib - Library for playing ProTracker modules
codesets.lhalib/mis6.19617kb22 Mar 154.0577¤ Codesets - Library for handling codesets and character conver
mpg123_lib.lhalib/aud52.3192kb28 Mar 144.0192¤ Mpg123.library - Library for decoding mpeg audio files
medplayer_src.lhalib/aud8.7615kb05 Aug 094.0114¤ Medplayer_src - Libraries for playing OctaMED modules (src)
medplayer_lib.lhalib/aud8.7171kb05 Aug 094.0313¤ Medplayer_lib - Libraries for playing OctaMED modules
mpega_libmad.lhalib/mis499kb20 Jun 044.02336¤ Mpega_libmad - libmad based mpega.library for OS4/68K/PUP/MOS
openjpeg_lib.lhalib/mis52.592kb20 Dec 094.0255¤ Openjpeg_lib - JPEG 2000 codec library
renderlib.lhalib/gra40.8197kb22 Oct 134.0187¤ RenderLib - Image processing kernel
mcc_htmlview.lhalib/mui13.4698kb21 Mar 124.0358¤ Mcc_htmlview - HTMLView custom class for mui
hubbub.lhalib/mis1.3(0.1.2)1Mb27 May 124.087¤ Hubbub - HTML5 parser library
hwp_yafa.lhalib/hol1.174kb30 Jul 154.046¤ Hwp_YAFA - Hollywood plugin for YAFA anims
hwp_httpstreamer.lhalib/hol1.072kb27 Sep 154.061¤ Hwp_HTTPStreamer - Hollywood plugin for video/audio streaming
hwp_vectorgfx.lhalib/hol1.11Mb30 Jul 154.047¤ Hwp_VectorGFX - Hollywood plugin for vectorgraphics
hwp_tiff.lhalib/hol1.1811kb30 Jul 154.043¤ Hwp_TIFF - Hollywood plugin for TIFF images
hwp_sqlite3.lhalib/hol1.1950kb30 Jul 154.045¤ Hwp_SQLite3 - Hollywood plugin for SQL databases
hwp_plananarama.lhalib/hol1.048kb12 Jan 164.045¤ Hwp_Plananarama - Hollywood plugin for planar screen
hwp_pcx.lhalib/hol1.120kb30 Jul 154.051¤ Hwp_PCX - Hollywood plugin for PCX file format
hwp_xmlparser.lhalib/hol1.1389kb30 Jul 154.054¤ Hwp_XMLParser - Hollywood plugin for parsing XML files
hwp_glgalore.lhalib/hol1.03Mb07 Jun 154.073¤ Hwp_GLGalore - Hollywood plugin for OpenGL
hwp_oggvorbis.lhalib/hol1.1709kb30 Jul 154.056¤ Hwp_OGGVorbis - Hollywood plugin for Ogg Vorbis
hwp_oggtheora.lhalib/hol1.1920kb30 Jul 154.047¤ Hwp_OGGTheora - Hollywood plugin for Ogg Theora
hwp_muiroyale.lhalib/hol1.35Mb28 Jun 154.081¤ Hwp_muiroyale - Hollywood plugin for MUI GUIs
hwp_moviesetter.lhalib/hol1.257kb30 Jul 154.049¤ Hwp_MovieSetter - Hollywood plugin for MovieSetter anims
hwp_svgimage.lhalib/hol1.24Mb30 Jul 154.043¤ Hwp_SVGImage - Hollywood plugin for loading SVG images
hwp_jpeg2000.lhalib/hol1.1415kb30 Jul 154.043¤ Hwp_JPEG2000 - Hollywood plugin for JPEG2000 images
hwp_rapagui.lhalib/hol1.06Mb16 May 164.019¤ Hwp_RapaGUI - Hollywood plugin for GUI creation
hwp_flicanim.lhalib/hol1.126kb30 Jul 154.046¤ Hwp_FLICAnim - Hollywood plugin for FLI/FLC anims
hwp_digibooster.lhalib/hol1.1114kb30 Jul 154.042¤ Hwp_DigiBooster - Hollywood plugin for DigiBooster
hwp_avcodec.lhalib/hol1.36Mb30 Jul 154.058¤ Hwp_AVCodec - Hollywood plugin for AVCodec
hwp_apng.lhalib/hol1.12Mb30 Jul 154.039¤ Hwp_APNG - Hollywood plugin for APNG anims
hwp_aiff.lhalib/hol1.117kb30 Jul 154.051¤ Hwp_AIFF - Hollywood plugin for AIFF file format
hwp_ahx.lhalib/hol1.1129kb30 Jul 154.048¤ Hwp_AHX - Hollywood plugin for Abyss' Highest eXperience
proaction.lhalib/rea1.7556kb22 Dec 134.0257¤ Proaction - GUIServer for script writers
os4_wizard_library.lhalib/mis51.3282kb13 Oct 134.0223¤ Wizard library - GUI system for AmigaOS 4
mcc_nlist_ell.lhalib/mui0.1136kb21 Nov 124.085¤ Mcc_nlist_greek - Greek catalog files for MCC NList
mcc_texteditor_ell.lhalib/mui15.394kb21 Nov 124.0101¤ Mcc_texteditor_greek - Greek catalog file for MCC TextEditor
mcc_betterstring_ell.lhalib/mui11.231kb21 Nov 124.090¤ Mcc_betterstring_greek - Greek catalog file for MCC BetterString
piechart_gc.lhalib/rea52.3140kb23 Mar 074.0558¤ Piechart_gc - Gadget class for displaying data distribution
xad_lha.lhalib/mis1.1678kb08 Feb 114.0272¤ Xad_lha - Fixed XAD LhA client
utf8_library.lhalib/mis6199kb16 Feb 164.174¤ UTF8.Library - Encode/Decode or manipulate UTF8 text strings.
setvar_patch.lhalib/mis53.12kb13 Feb 104.1263¤ Setvar_patch - DOS Library patch for SetVar() 53.48
digibooster3.library.lhalib/aud1.0260kb24 Oct 144.1116¤ digibooster3.library - DigiBooster3 module replayer as a shared library
mcc_mailtext.lhalib/mui3.2360kb18 Jun 134.0176¤ Mcc_mailtext - Custom Class for Messagetexts
libao-usr.lhalib/aud0.8.8r2111kb08 Oct 084.0278¤ Libao-usr - Cross-platform Audio Library, (Shared)
wazp3d.lhalib/graBeta55.11Mb16 Oct 144.1404¤ Wazp3D - CPU only Warp3D implementation
cddb-glue.lhalib/mis14kb22 Sep 104.0158¤ Cddb-glue - cddb.library glue code & dev files
libboostygfx.lhalib/gra1.0.4402kb14 Aug 154.1214¤ LibBoosty V1.0.4 - BoostyGFX library used with Huno's games
libboostygfxv2.lhalib/gra2.0.1414kb01 Jan 154.1310¤ LibBoostGFX2.0 - BoostyGFX library used with Huno's games
mcc_betterstring.lhalib/mui11.29310kb22 Mar 154.0480¤ Mcc_betterstring - BetterString custom class for MUI
zbar.lhalib/gra1.1(0.10)898kb27 May 124.077¤ Zbar - Barcode scanner library + CLI tool
guigfxlib.lhalib/gra20.0235kb25 Jan 154.0174¤ Guigfx.library - Application layer for pixel graphics
xfdmaster.lhalib/mis53.7330kb11 Sep 144.1228¤ xfdmaster.library - AmigaOS4 port of xfdmaster.library
allegro.lhalib/mis1.11Mb13 Jun 094.1722¤ Allegro - Allegro games library runtime shared object
reactive_lib.lhalib/mis1.1270kb01 Apr 164.195¤ Reactive - A custom BOOPSI system
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