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 Files uploaded by Andy Broad

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
waon.lhaaud/con0.9.1983kb02 Dec 20104.0166¤ Waon - Wave to notes, a wave to midi converter
id3editor.tar.bz2aud/edi1.1106kb30 Jan 20064.0457¤ Id3editor - MP3 tag editor written in perl with Reaction GUI.
line6pod.lhaaud/mis1.016kb21 Nov 20134.1229¤ Line6PodEditor - Edit and create amp sounds on via Midi
perl-src.tar.bz2dev/lan5.8.5.0621Mb20 Nov 20084.0110¤ Perl-src - Perl 5.8.5 AmigaOS4 src
perl.tar.bz2dev/lan5.8.5.0610Mb20 Oct 20064.0352¤ Perl - Perl 5.8.5 AmigaOS4
perl_newlib.lhadev/lan5.22.1_0222Mb16 Dec 20154.1103¤ Perl (newlib) - The Practical Report and Extraction Language
perlpatch.lhadev/lan1.114kb05 Sep 20114.0234¤ Perlpatch - Patch perl to build dynamic module with latest SDK
webbrowswe_py.lhadev/lan1.06kb11 May 20094.0288¤ Webbrowswe_py - Add OpenURL support to webbrowser.py python module
amigavars.lhadev/lib1.147kb28 Jun 20144.1247¤ AmigaVars - Python module for read / write access to env vars
perl_amiga_camd.lhadev/lib/aud0.01131kb21 Nov 20134.0258¤ Perl Amiga::CAMD - Perl module to allow midi control via camd.library
libgmp.lhadev/lib/mat6.0.01Mb11 Jul 20144.077¤ Gmp - OS4 port of GMP ( GNU Multiple Precision Maths...)
perl_reaction.tar.bz2dev/lib/mis0.053Mb24 Oct 20114.0107¤ Perl_reaction - Perl_Reaction - make perl scripts with GUIs
pil.lhadev/lib/mis1.1.72Mb21 Aug 20124.1300¤ Pil - Python Imaging Library
pypdf2.lhadev/lib/mis1.2386kb10 Nov 20164.178¤ PyPDF2 - Manipulate PDFs from python code
sdl_perl.tar.bz2dev/lib/mis1.19.22Mb08 Jan 20064.0228¤ Sdl_perl - SDL_perl extention for amigaos4, (dynamic)
abc-shell.lhadev/uti53.3182kb03 Apr 20174.0160¤ Abc-shell - Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
hggit.lhadev/uti0.2.6463kb09 Aug 20114.0197¤ Hggit - Git Extension for Mercurial SCM
uclogictablet.lhadri/inp1.652kb12 Feb 20124.0615¤ Uclogictablet - USB Driver for UCLogic based Graphics tablets
mercurial.lhadri/uti1.94Mb25 Aug 20114.1182¤ Mercurial - Mercurial Version Control System
frozen.lhagam/puz1.0.09Mb03 Jan 20064.0637¤ Frozen - Frozen Bubble and popular game written in perl
daimonin.lhagam/rol0.967.10531Mb18 Oct 20084.0197¤ Daimonin - Daimonin B4
aquest.lhagam/uti2.44Mb20 Mar 20094.0148¤ Aquest - Quest 2.4 - Quake / 3D games editor
netpbm.lhagra/con10.47.3914Mb04 Aug 20124.0112¤ Netpbm - NetPBM - collection of Image Processing Tools
sketchblock.lhagra/edi2.68Mb21 May 20144.1588¤ Sketchblock - Digital Sketching For AmigaOS
aifxjpegload.lhagra/mis1.366kb09 Oct 20054.0609¤ Aifxjpegload - 0S4 Native Jpeg Loader For ImageFX
exrtools.lhagra/mis1.1603kb27 Jul 20164.052¤ EXRTools - Tools to convert OpenEXR to SketchBlock
blender-src.tar.bz2gra/ray2.4818Mb15 Jan 20104.1190¤ Blender-src - Blender Source
blender.lhagra/ray248.766Mb27 Nov 20164.1406¤ Blender - The free open source 3D content creation suite
yafray.tar.bz2gra/ray0.0.910Mb05 Aug 20094.0142¤ Yafray - yafray (Yet Another Free Ray tracer)
exrviewer.tar.bz2gra/vie0.111Mb05 Aug 20094.0113¤ Exrviewer - Displays hgh definition images
snakeeyes.lhagra/vie1.112kb18 Aug 20124.1292¤ Snakeeyes - Simple datatypes based picture viewer
pythonssl.lhalib/mis2.1103kb20 Apr 20174.1272¤ Pythonssl - AmiSSL 4 based Python SSL Module
proaction.lhalib/rea1.9645kb01 Apr 20174.0259¤ Proaction - GUIServer for script writers
aweb.lhanet/bro3.5.1211Mb08 Mar 20184.1437¤ AWeb - The best browser in the history of the amiga :-P
analog.lhanet/mis6.02Mb20 Feb 20064.0167¤ Analog - A popular server log analysis tool
aorganiser.lhaoff/mis1.4838kb07 Jan 20174.0201¤ Aorganiser - Diary
apod.tar.bz2uti/har1.52Mb11 Nov 20114.0129¤ Apod - Perl based ipod application for OS4.0
ftpprint.lhauti/pri1.23kb02 Mar 20184.156¤ FTPPrint - Simple FTP based printing
pdfmaker.lhauti/scr1.061kb08 Sep 20104.1334¤ Pdfmaker - A blender script to make pdfs
antiword.lhauti/tex/con0.36732kb15 Jan 20054.0457¤ Antiword - OS4 port of antiword 0.36
pdf_maker.lhauti/tex/con1.327kb09 Mar 20184.1121¤ PDF_Maker - Convert postscript to PDF with s imple GUI
dme.lhauti/tex/edi1.55295kb03 Jul 20114.0390¤ Dme - DME - text editor.
animicon.lhauti/wor1.3181kb20 Jan 20144.0128¤ Animicon - A animated little tool launcher
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