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Locale browser - German

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
amisounded_deu.lhaaud/edi0.124kb31 Jan 20094.0349¤ Amisounded_german - German catalog file for AmiSoundEd v0.12
some_german_catalogs_deu.lhadoc/mis518kb08 Sep 20124.1117¤ Some_german_catalogs - Some german catalogs
amifig_deu.lhagra/edi1.106kb20 Jan 20134.0195¤ Amifig_de - New German Catalog for AmiFig
viivi_deu.lhagra/vie1.33kb01 Jan 20134.0232¤ Viivi_german - German catalog files for Viivi
epistula_deu.lhanet/cha52.2010kb25 Jun 20084.0266¤ Epistula_german - German catalog file for Epistula
pftp_deu.lhanet/ftp0.242kb20 Feb 20084.0304¤ Pftp-de - German translation for PFTP
aspell-dict_deu.lhaoff/wor20030222-14Mb21 Apr 20094.0271¤ Aspell-dict-de - German dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
cranu_deu.lhauti/arc1.112kb17 Sep 20104.0192¤ Cranu_german - Cranu - german catalog
smartbutton-docky_deu.lhauti/doc50.63kb30 May 20104.0307¤ Smartbutton-docky_de - German locale for smartbutton-docky
filer_deu.lhauti/fil53.3019kb08 Feb 20104.0259¤ Filer_german - German locale for Filer
os4.1-german-update_deu.lhauti/mis2.0101kb12 Feb 20094.0419¤ Os4 - Unofficial update of the OS 4.1 German translation
poff_deu.lhauti/she1.22kb22 Jun 20134.0143¤ Poff_german - German catalog files for poff
aminetreadme_deu.lhauti/tex/mis1.018kb03 Mar 20094.0125¤ Aminetreadme-ger - AminetReadme - German Catalog
ispell_deu.lhauti/tex/mis20071211863kb13 Feb 20084.0113¤ Ispell-deutsch - igerman98-20071211 dictionary for ISpell 3.3.02
amiupdate_deu.lhauti/wor2.4720kb19 May 20184.030¤ Amiupdate deutsch - German catalog files for AmiUpdate
contextmenus_deu.lhauti/wor1.25kb17 Nov 20104.1337¤ Contextmenus_ger - German translation AmigaOS4.1Upd1 Contextmenus
srec_deu.lhavid/rec2.42kb15 Oct 20164.162¤ SRec_german - German catalog file for SRec v2.4

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