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 Readme for:  Development » Utility » cpc.lha


Description: Application that Creates Reaction Command Panels
Download: cpc.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 1Mb
Version: 1.3
Date: 11 May 2008
Author: PEB
Submitter: PEB
Email: revbloedel/gmail com
Requirements: reqtools for OS4, AISS, and the OS4 SDK
Category: development/utility
Replaces: development/utility/cpc.lha
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 3674
Comments: 2
Snapshots: 2
Videos: 0
Downloads: 192  (Current version)
248  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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***** reqtools for OS4 and AISS (both available on OS4 Depot) are required to
use this program *****

Important: You must have the SDK installed in order for Command Panel Creator to
work properly.

"Command Panel Creator" (CPC) is another one of my 'bloated' programs that I
made with Hollywood 3.1. I hope you enjoy it!

What it does: CPC is an application that makes the creation of Reaction command
panels (windows with buttons that send commands) very easy. CPC creates both a
.c code file as well as a compiled tool file. The buttons of the command panel
can be configured to send either ARexx or DOS commands.

The *main window* of Command Panel Creator is used to add and remove buttons and
columns, as well as defining what the buttons will do. Left-clicking one of the
numbered buttons in the main window will execute the assigned command (ARexx or
DOS). Holding down the RIGHT mouse button while over the preferences button or
the button itself in the main window will display the current attributes of the
button---title, port, command, and hint (if any). Click the Preferences button
to set or change these attributes. Concerning the various button options, you
should take note of the following:
*If you want to use an AISS image instead of a text label on the command button,
simply type "{aiss}" (without the quotation marks) and then the image name (like
"open," "zoom," etc.)---so you might type something like "{AISS}open" under the
"Button Name" option in the button's preferences. (CPC will automatically make
use the selected image in the compiled command panel.)
*If you want to send an ARexx command, you must specify the port that you would
like the command button to address. If you want to execute a script or launch a
program through DOS, then you must type "DOS" (without the quotation marks) into
the "Port" setting, then enter the path to the program or script into the
"Command" setting.
*If you want to add user input to the DOS or ARexx command button in the form of
a *string*, simply add "{string}" (without the quotation marks) to the command
line. Likewise, if you want to add user input to the command in the form of a
*file*, simply add "{file}" (again, without the quotation marks) to the command
line. (Look at the included project for an example of how this can be used.)
*You also have the option of adding Hints, or ToolTips, to your buttons if you

In the main window you can also define the panel's title, ARexx port, and the
screen upon which it will appear. The reason for assigning an ARexx port name to
the command panel itself is so that it can be quit from another program by
sending the command 'QUIT' to its ARexx port. In the lower left-hand corner of
the main window, you will see the compile button (use this button to create your
Reaction command panel). In the lower right-hand corner of the main window you
will find buttons that can be used to load and save CPC projects, as well as a
button for starting a new project or adding text labels to your existing

The *layout window* of CPC is used to preview and arrange the placement of
buttons through dragging and dropping. By dragging and dropping the buttons in
the layout window, you can completely change the order of the buttons; however,
they will still retain the same button ID number that corresponds to the button
number in the main window. Holding down the RIGHT mouse button while over one of
the buttons in the layout window will reveal the number identity of the button.
Please do not think that this layout window provides a perfect preview of what
the compiled window will look like (for that is determined by your own GUI
prefs)---it is more intended to make arranging of the buttons easier, rather
than giving a completely accurate preview.

Now even though Command Panel Creator was made with Hollywood 3.1, two of its
windows are Reaction command panels that were created with this program (the
little 3 button window that comes up when the preferences button is clicked, and
the 2 button window that comes up when you add label text).

Included in the archive is a sample command panel (Sample_AmigaAMPControler)
that gives a pretty good idea of what can be created with CPC. You can load this
project into CPC and adjust the path to AmigaAMP if necessary. (It is set to
"Work:AmigaAMP/AmigaAMP" by default.)

*If you want to assign the buttons of your command panel to certain keys, put
the "_" symbol before the letter that you want to activate the button. For
instance, if you have a button called "Test", and you want to activate it when
the "t" key is pressed, name the button "_Test". If you want to activate it with
the "e" key, name the button "T_est". (It won't display correctly in the Layout
window, but it will look right and work correctly when the window is compiled.)

Special thanks goes to Chris Young for his technical help, suggestions, and
Thanks also to Mason for his icons and AISS images.

Version 1.3 (5/11/08):
*Fixed a stack-related bug that could cause unpredictable crashes when compiling
the panel.

Version 1.2 (5/11/08):
*Now the file and string requesters appear on the same screen as the command

Version 1.1 (5/4/08):
*Fixed a problem with the XPOS and YPOS tooltypes

Version 1.0 (5/3/08):
*First attempt

***********If you like this program and would like to drop me some e-mail or
PayPal encouragement (or if you have any suggestions to make this program
better) my e-mail address is: revbloedel()gmail.com OR

Copyright © 2004-2024 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved