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 Readme for:  Development » Utility » sdkbrowser.lha


Description: AmigaOS4 SDK Browsing Utility [v1.5.0.0 FREEWARE]
Download: sdkbrowser.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 82kb
Date: 12 Oct 06
Author: BITbyBIT Software Group LLC
Submitter: Jamie Krueger
Email: jamie/bitbybitsoftwaregroup com
Homepage: http://www.bitbybitsoftwaregroup.com
Requirements: AmigaOS4
Category: development/utility
Replaces: development/utility/sdkbrowser.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 2159
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Downloads: 537  (Current version)
700  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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SDK Browser v1.6.0.0 [Special FREEWARE Release]
Copyright (c)2004-2006 by BITbyBIT Software Group LLC

Please visit www.bitbybitsoftwaregroup.com for more information on
The SDK Browser or AVD itself. Or email me at:

* SDK Browser (c)2006 BITbyBIT Software Group LLC
* ---------------------------------------------
* Copyright (c)2006 BITbyBIT Software Group, All Rights Reserved.
* SDK Browser v1.6.0.0 is a FREEWARE product from BITbyBIT Software Group LLC
* It can be posted on any Amiga site or other file area as long as the
* original archive is provided complete and without modification, and
* that this README file remain part of the archive(distribution).
* BITbyBIT Software Group LLC retains all rights to each distribution
* of the SDK Browser software and further reserves the right to request
* that older distributions be removed from any given web site or file
* area at any time.
* If you find The SDK Browser useful, and would like to see improvements and
* new software, and or simply want to support FULL TIME Professional software
* development for the AmigaONE(tm) and AmigaOS(tm) 4, then please consider
* purchasing the commercial version of this software. THANK YOU!
* The commercial version of the SDK Browser is available as a purchased
* product either on its own (US $24.95) or included as a component of the
* Advanced Visual Developer (AVD) Suite. Several powerful new features
* are still planned for the SDK Browser component and free upgrades are 
* always included to the next major release number (in this case v2.0.0.0).
* Some features scheduled for the commercial release of version 2
* include, but are not limited to, (STRUCT)ure browsing, Hex Dump
* display for binary files, AmigaGuide and "simple" HTML support,
* more cross-reference hot link support for all function and structure
* names within the AutoDocs and Include files. Locale support,
* a full GUI for all preference settings, seamless integration with
* AVD and much more.
* Please visit www.bitbybitsoftwaregroup.com to register your copy today!:-)
* Email: jamie()bitbybitsoftwaregroup.com

About the SDK Browser:

New in v1.6.0.0:

o Critical long standing bug fix, which would often leave a garbage character
  or two at the very end of a displayed file under AmigaOS4(tm) - Update 4,
  and would cause a complete system lock under the OS4 Beta, has been fixed.

o There were cases in v1.5.0.0 (and possibly earlier versions) where a
  public screen lock that was used to obtain information about the screen
  to open up on, was not being released. This would often cause Workbench
  screen changes (like with the ScreenMode prefs) to be blocked and unable
  to make live changes without rebooting and *not* running the SDK Browser.
  Happily, this too has been resolved.

o Some improved filtering was added to help prevent duplicate entries from
  being added to the History browser. In v1.5.0.0 a new History item was
  added to the list every time you selected an item from the listbrowser,
  even if you were just expanding a collapsed tree-view item (like a library
  or function). So if you clicked 20 times on the same item you would end
  up with a list of 20 identical items in the History list. Now, in version only one entry will be added to the end of the list for that
  displayed file, no matter how many times you may reselect it.

Other Features:

o Fully multitasking search bar with start/stop and pause/resume.
   File pattern filter added to search bar, and maintained separately
   for each search type. Interact with results as they are found,
   or continue to use all other parts of the SDK Browser as the search
   continues in the background. Search will continue even when hidden
   or iconified, and is controllable from the commodity exchange as well.

o Browsable History Bar.
   Quickly return to any of the last 20 items that have been viewed
   previously. Browse forward or back with the arrow buttons, or pull
   down and select a new position within the browser history. The
   history bar works like a combination of a web browser forward and
   back buttons and a rotating 20 item tabbed display. Giving you the
   flexibility to quickly work with the last 20 items that have been
   referenced already.

o Support for more than one interface(API) found within the same library.
   If the XML file for a given library contains more than one interface
   for accessing that library, then the SDK Browser will create a new
   browsable Library tree for each interface and name them with their
   respective interface name. This is also why the Interface name was
   added to each library entry under the Library list.

o Many new improvements too numerous to list here.

Other Features found in this release:

o "True" Mouse-Wheel support using the new OS4 standard mouse-wheel events.
   Use Mouse-Wheel with qualifiers for even more browsing controls:
   Mouse-Wheel only    = Vertical Scrolling(move up/down)
   Mouse-Wheel w/Shift = Horizontal Scrolling(shift left/right)
   Mouse-Wheel w/Alt   = Vertical Scrolling(page up/page down)
   Mouse-Wheel w/Ctrl  = Vertical Scrolling(home/end)
o AppWindow/AppIcon support: Drag-n-Drop text files onto the SDK Browser
  window or Icon for quick viewing.
o Faster than ever before using newly optimized viewing routines
  and less disk access.
o Quick find ANY item in the active list just by typing the first
  few letters of its name.
o "Includes" browsing. Live browse the system includes using the
  new embedded directory scanner.
o Convenient "Send To" menu for launching a helpful set of external
  viewers right from the SDK Browser. Quickly open source files into
  the editor of your choice, or open HTML files directly into your web
  browser of choice. You can also launch the currently selected file
  with "MultiView", "AmiPDF", or even "Unarc" those archives.
o New keyboard controls to enhance the existing "mouse-over" focused
  movement keys and "mouse-wheel" support.
   TAB rotates the main chooser under the "SDK" tab.
   a-z "urgent" keys can be used for quick find indexing within a given list.
   ALT+TAB rotates between "SDK" and "File Browser" tabs.
   CTRL+TAB rotates through the different Search Methods
   CTRL+CURSOR LEFT or RIGHT work the same as the FWD and BACK buttons
   in the Browser History bar.
   Also "," "." "/" are now "Parent", "Enter", and "Root", respectively.)
o Programmable SDK Paths. You can now specify up to 10 XML Interface paths,
  10 AutoDoc paths, and 10 Include file search paths, as well as a default
  "Project" path.
o Programmable EDITOR and WEBBROWSER tooltypes (see below) for use by
  the "Send To" menu.

Commands and Tooltypes:(Default Settings)
PUBSCREEN=<default public screen>
LEFT=<Number of pixels from the LEFT Edge of the Screen>
TOP=<Number of lines down from the TOP of the Screen>
WIDTH=<WIDTH in pixels to open the window to>
HEIGHT=<HEIGHT in lines to open the window to>
CENTERED=<YES|NO>  <-- This option overrides the LEFT and TOP values
                       (if specified)

Each XML path listed below will be scanned for Interface Library
Descriptor files (IDL) and decoded to build the "Library" and "Commands"
lists. Do not override XML_PATH1 unless you know what you are doing.
(Default values are listed below as well)

XML_PATH1  = "SDK:Include/interfaces/"
XML_PATH2  = "SDK:Local/Documentation/MUI-3.9/xml/"
XML_PATH3  = <User specified path>
XML_PATH4  = <User specified path>
XML_PATH5  = <User specified path>
XML_PATH6  = <User specified path>
XML_PATH7  = <User specified path>
XML_PATH8  = <User specified path>
XML_PATH9  = <User specified path>
XML_PATH10 = <User specified path>

Each AutoDoc path listed below will be scanned in to build the "AutoDocs"
list. All files found under these paths will be added to the list as an
AutoDoc (this is so we do not filter out any normal text files like
"bootstrap.txt" or "rad.txt" that we actually want to keep). Do not
override AUTODOC_PATH1 unless you know what you are doing. (Default values
are listed below)

AUTODOC_PATH1  = "SDK:Documentation/AutoDocs/"
AUTODOC_PATH2  = "SDK:Local/Documentation/AutoDocs/"
AUTODOC_PATH3  = "SDK:Local/Documentation/MUI-3.9/AutoDocs/"
AUTODOC_PATH4  = <User specified path>
AUTODOC_PATH5  = <User specified path>
AUTODOC_PATH6  = <User specified path>
AUTODOC_PATH7  = <User specified path>
AUTODOC_PATH8  = <User specified path>
AUTODOC_PATH9  = <User specified path>
AUTODOC_PATH10 = <User specified path>

Each Include path listed here will be searched in order when
The SDK Browser needs to find a specific header file. The first two
paths should only be changed to the correct system header location
(like if your SDK is not found under SDK:). The first path also provides
the "root" location for the "Includes" directory scan lister. You are
allowed to "parent" above it to browse other areas of the SDK, and the
"Root" button or keyboard "/" key will provide an easy way to get back again.

INCLUDE_PATH1  = "SDK:Include/include_h/"
INCLUDE_PATH2  = "SDK:Include/netinclude/"
INCLUDE_PATH3  = "SDK:Local/common/include/"
INCLUDE_PATH4  = "SDK:newlib/include/"
INCLUDE_PATH5  = "SDK:Local/newlib/include/"
INCLUDE_PATH6  = "SDK:clib2/include/"
INCLUDE_PATH7  = "SDK:Local/clib2/include/"
INCLUDE_PATH8  = <User specified path>
INCLUDE_PATH9  = <User specified path>
INCLUDE_PATH10 = <User specified path>

The PROJECT_PATH is the default path for the "File Browser" tab's
directory list. This is strictly for your own use, so set it to anywhere
you want. Like the first path of the "Includes", the path you specify
here can be returned to at any time using the "Root" button or "/" keyboard
command. This "root" location is reset every time you use the GetFile gadget
under the "Project" tab to select a new path location.


The next two tooltypes are used to specify what editor and web browser
are to be used by the "Send To" menu. Make sure to use a full path here
to your program of choice. The full path and filename of the selected file
is added after the values defined below for each program. For example the
default for EDITOR is: "SYS:Utilities/NotePad <filename>".

EDITOR = SYS:Utilities/NotePad
WEBBROWSER = IBrowse:IBrowse

*** About BITbyBIT: ***

BITbyBIT Software Group LLC was formed in November of 2003 by Jamie Krueger
as a new software development company dedicated to producing high quality
software for the latest release of the Amiga(tm) operating system,
AmigaOS4(tm). The primary focus of the company is to bring a new level of
professional software development tools, in an easy to use graphical
environment, to the AmigaOS4(tm) platform. This software development suite
is called AVD.

It is only through the outstanding support of the Amiga Community itself
that the AVD project and software like the SDK Browser, AVD Template Project
and others can be brought to AmigaOS4(tm). Please do your part to ensure the
success of this great platform by purchasing commercial AmigaOS4(tm) software
today, or make a direct monetary donation to support efforts such as this.

BITbyBIT Software Group LLC is located in Edgerton Wisconsin in the USA.

BITbyBIT Software Group LLC
3990 West High Street
Edgerton, WI 53534-8619


Copyright (c) 2004-2016 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved
Amiga OS and its logos are registered trademarks of Hyperion Entertainment