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 Readme for:  Development » Utility » subversion.lha


Description: Revision control system, successor to RCS/CVS
Download: subversion.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 7Mb
Version: 1.1.4-1.7
Date: 26 Apr 2009
Author: Various (port by Olaf Barthel)
Submitter: Olaf Barthel
Email: obarthel/gmx net
Homepage: http://subversion.tigris.org
Category: development/utility
Replaces: development/utility/subversion.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 4776
Comments: 4
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 542  (Current version)
896  (Accumulated)
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"subversion" for the Amiga

1. Introduction

This is a port of "subversion" (version 1.1.4) for the Amiga, using GCC and my
clib2 runtime library. "subversion" is a revision control system, such as the
older "RCS" and "CVS". It does offer much more than these older systems, see
for yourself at <http://subversion.tigris.org>. I have included some of the
documentation that was part of the original distribution archive in the "doc"
directory, but I recommend that you have a look at the web site.

2. Installation

I built binaries both for the 68k platform and OS4. You need an Amiga with
68020 CPU/Kickstart 2.04 or better. Or, of course, an Amiga with AmigaOS4. If
you want to access "subversion" repositories on SSL servers you will need to
have AmiSSL V3 or better installed.

I have made a few small changes to fit the client software (svn, etc.) better
into the Amiga framework. These are as follows:

   - The place where global subversion configuration files are searched
     for in is "subversion:". On Unix, that would have been "/etc/subversion".

   - The "svn" command uses a lot of stack space. I measured about 180K as
     the minimum and pre-configured "svn" to use 200K just to be sure. But
     you can override the stack size through an environment variable,
     like this:

        setenv SVN_STACK_SIZE 500000

     All other commands also check the SVN_STACK_SIZE environment variable
     to set the default stack size; they all start with a minimum of
     20000 bytes.

   - All programs bear the typical Amiga version strings.

   - I have added new auto-props by the names of "amiga:protection" and
     "amiga:comment". These specifically store the Amiga typical file and
     directory protection bits and the comment strings associated with
     them, respectively. If you want to use these features, don't forget
     to put the following line into your "subversion:config" file:


     Checking files in and out will then have their Amiga specific
     protection bits and comments recorded and restored.

Please note that all the tools still "believe" that they are running in a Unix
environment. This means that path names for files and directories are following
the Unix rules. For example "." is the name of the current directory, ".." the
name of the parent directory and absolute path names, such as "/Work/foo/bar",
stand for "Work:foo/bar".

3. SSL support

In order to access repositories stored on SSL servers you will need to have
AmiSSL V3 or better installed. Older versions do not work, and neither does the
"Miami Deluxe" SSL support library. If the required AmiSSL software is not
installed, the "svn" and "svnversion" clients will pretend that they do not
support SSL server access; no specific error message to detail this will be

4. SSH support

Starting with version 1.7 this subversion 1.1.4 port supports the svn+ssh://
access method for repositories using a built-in SSHv1 client. This means that
the remote repository has to support the by now rather obsolete version 1 of the
SSH protocol, which is not necessarily the case today. Ask your administrator...

By default the SSHv1 client will connect to port 22 on the remote server. You
can override this by creating a file "subversion:sshconfig" which contains
server specific configuration options. Such a file could look as follows:

    host        foo.bar.com
    port        22001
    cipher      blowfish
    user        barney
    password    secret

    host        foo.bar.com
    port        22001
    cipher      blowfish
    user        fred
    password    12345

    cipher      3des
    user        fred
    password    secret

Each configuration section starts with a host name, or an IPv4 address. This is
followed by a port number, a choice of cipher and optional login information.

If you omit the port number, the default of 22 will be used. If you omit the
cipher name (which can be one of either "blowfish" or "3des"), a default of
"3des" will be used.

For security reasons you should not include the login information in this
configuration file, but, well, if you want to, you can. For the password to be
picked up, the respective options have to include the matching server name and
the matching user name.

If no password is provided in the options file, the SSHv1 client will prompt you
to enter it on the command line.

5. Caveats

This port is largely untested. I did try to check out and update repositories
and I verified how much stack space the client programs use. They did work fine
for me, but your mileage may vary. I do not know if the "svnserve" program
actually does what it's supposed to do, so you better be careful.

6. Source code

I have included the source code changes I made in the "source" directory. To
build the "subversion" programs from it, just download the
"subversion-1.1.4.tar.gz" archive from <http://subversion.tigris.org>, unpack
it and copy the contents of the "source" directory on top of it. I have
provided a copy of zlib which integrates into the build. You also need a copy
of the bsdsocket.library SDK header files (e.g. from the "Roadshow" SDK) which
must be copied into the local "netinclude" directory. To build with SSL
support, you will need the AmiSSL V3 SDK, whose contents must be copied into a
directory called "amissl". With all these in place, invoke either "make -f
GNUmakefile.68k" or "make -f GNUmakefile.os4", respectively, and wait. Note
that you need GNU make for this to work, and of course my clib2 'C' runtime
library which you can find on <http://sf.net/projects/clib2>.

7. Contact information

You can contact me here:

      e-mail: obarthel()gmx.net

  Snail mail: Olaf Barthel
              Gneisenaustr. 43
              D-31275 Lehrte
              Federal Republic of Germany

If you appreciate the amount of work I spent on making this software available,
please let me know. A contribution through my PayPal account
"o.barthel()logical-line.de" would be most appreciated!

8. Recent changes

Amiga Port 1.7 (23.4.2009)

- Added ssh support. It only took two years to write this...

Amiga Port 1.6 (21.4.2009) <cmincea>

  Only the AmigaOS4 executables are updated! The 68k executables were not
  simply because it didn't compile with my quickly set up m68k crosscompiler..
  if somebody thinks 68k binaries are absolutely needed, feel free to compile
  add them to this archive. Otherwise use the 1.5 68k binaries.
- Activated the callback functions for prompting the user if he wants to
  accept a self-signed SSL server certificate or not. Now it's finally possible
  to connect to such servers, before svn just exited with an error message.

- Corrected USR and SYS path defines for the AmigaOS version. Everything is
  now stored in subversion: so make sure you have that assign. With this change
  our subversion port finally is able to remember login details for certain
  servers. You can deactivate this with store-passwords=no in the [auth]
  section of subversion:config
- Recompiled with latest clib2 1.204

Amiga Port 1.5 (25.2.2006)

- SSL support now actually works and require AmiSSL V3 or better. Thanks go to
  Andrija Antonijevic for helping me to make the SSL code build and work

Amiga Port 1.4 (24.2.2006)

- The "svn" client now pretends that every directory checked in is readable,
  writable and accessible. This should have the effect of making a checkout
  on Unix system usable again, which would have otherwise made directory
  access more difficult.

- Added experimental SSL support.

- Rebuilt with most recent clib2 1.198 release.

Amiga Port 1.3 (12.11.2005)

- The "amiga:comment" and "amiga:protection" auto-props now also have
  and effect if the names of the files and directories concerned contain
  absolute paths, e.g. "Work:foo/bar". Previously, only relative path
  names were supported.

- Removal of the "amiga:comment" and "amiga:protection" properties no
  longer throws Enforcer hits. For "amiga:comment" empty property data
  will be translated into an empty comment string. An empty "amiga:protection"
  property will be ignored altogether.

- Incomplete or invalid "amiga:protection" properties will be ignored. You
  can, however, choose to omit the group and world protection information
  from the "amiga:protection" property and retain only the owner/special
  protection information. For example, "----rwed" is considered valid
  protection information, and so is "rwed" (both stand for the owner/special
  protection bits).

- Rebuilt with most recent clib2 1.197 release.

Amiga Port 1.2 (28.4.2005)

- Initial public release, as uploaded to Aminet.

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