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 Readme for:  Game » Board » blackbox.lha


Description: Yet another puzzle/board game
Download: blackbox.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 1Mb
Version: 1.47
Date: 24 Sep 2005
Author: Karl Bartel (linux) , ToAks (OS4)
Submitter: tony aksnes
Requirements: OS4 Prerelease 3 or better
Category: game/board
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 1062
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 2
Videos: 0
Downloads: 343  (Current version)
343  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Blackbox is yet another puzzle/board type of game.

I really dont get the concept of this game but it has ingame help so if you
the will then you can learn ;-)

Use the mouse to control everything (see ingame help)

About the os4 port:

Several problems occured when i tried to compile this little weird game and
hopefully it has prepared me for the future in some way or another.

Thanks to the guys who helped me on this one and be sure of the fact that i
appriciate every little word u guys have said ;-). 


if you want to recompile this game then you have to cd to the src dir and work
youre way from there.

Ahi buffers was bumped to 4096 in order to have a proper mod playback; 
if (Mix_OpenAudio(44100, AUDIO_S16SYS, 2, 4096) < 0)

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