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 Readme for:  Graphics » Convert » gsgui.lha


Description: GUI for Ghostscript8 in MUI
Download: gsgui.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 170kb
Version: 0.38
Date: 21 Apr 2008
Author: Michael.Merkel, Mathias Parnaudeau
Submitter: Michael Merkel
Email: Michael Merkel/gmx net
Requirements: Ghostscript8.xx, MUI
Category: graphics/convert
Replaces: graphics/convert/gsgui.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 3634
Comments: 2
Snapshots: 1
Videos: 0
Downloads: 336  (Current version)
563  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Short:        GUI for Ghostscript8 in MUI
Author:       Michael.Merkel, Mathias Parnaudeau
Uploader:     Michael Merkel gmx net
Type:         gfx/conv
Version:      0.38
Replaces:     gfx/conv/GSGui_68k.lha
Requires:     Ghostscript8.xx, MUI
Architecture: generic

Simple Graphical User Interface for the Ghostscript8 port done by whoosh.
The previous GUI was written in rxMUI but due to a problem on MorphOS/OS4
(a bug in rmh.library) and needs for a professional use, it was decided to
write a new GUI in C.
Mathias Parnaudeau did it thanks to the GS8Gui original sources by Michael
When the program was almost usable in a basic form, many features were
discussed with Michael and whoosh. Then Michael added these features that
brought much more quality to the program.

This GUI complete replaces the old GS8Gui.rexx srcipt!

spread it! use it! _write me!_

* Ghostscript8.xx ported by whoosh (http://www.whoosh777.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk)
  (also other ports should work)
* MUI (aminet)
* Postscript or PDF files

* Extract this archive and copy the drawer where you want.
* The GS executable name is stored in the "GSExe" tooltype of GSGui. Its default
  value is "Ghostscript:gs" which is the original location of ghostsript. You
may need
  to change it to the correct executable on your installation. For example the
  version of whooshs ghostscript needs "GS854:bin/gs".

* Just start the program via shell or via its icon (Workbench).
* The internal viewers work with whooshs port and are the preferred ones. They
  will NOT work when using the OS4 native version of Ghostscript.
* you can use it as a default-icon -tool for your PS/PDF files now

  The file to handle

  The action to execute (optional, default DISPLAY)

  A Prefs file to use (optional, default default-Prefs)

  Quit after handling file

* DEBUG=1:
  Some *very* minor debug output

* GSStack:
  The stack ghostscript is called with (Default = 500000)

* GSExe:
  the GS executable (default: "GS854:bin/gs")

* StartAction:
  See shell arguments DISPLAY/PRINT/CONVERT

* StartPrefs:
  See shell argument PREFS

* Quit, DEBUG, GSStack:

The .CT file is included. If you want to do a translation just send it to me
so I can include it with the next version or do an interim update.)

* v0.38 (21.4.2008 - same version, small update)
  - BUG: The executable flag was not set - sorry
  - NEW: French catalog by Patrice Brochard added (thanks!!)

* v0.38 (19.4.2008)
  - BUG: The stack settings never were read from the tooltypes when starting
from workbench
         (Thanks Christoph P?lzl)

* v0.37 (10.3.2008)
  - CHG: swedish catalog by P?r Boberg updated
  - NEW: You can now drop source files on the GSGui window (Thanks Christoph

* v0.36 (5.3.2008)
  - BUG: Stupid!! The stack was set twice - one was hardcoded to 200000 when
calling gsgui via syscall...
         Removed this fixed value now - only the tooltype/commandline one is
valid now.

* v0.35 (25.02.2008)
  - BUG: Possible GSGui crash because of too small stack default - see below
  - NEW: The GhostScript process is now called with a default stack of 500000.
         This can be changed via tooltype "GSStack".
  - NEW: OS4 version available on os4depot.net and via AmiUpdate

* v0.34 (20.02.2008)
  - BUG: The page count missed the "" around the file. This could lead to a
  - CHG: The input file is now also stored with the settings (again)
  - NEW: Some *minor* debug output for me

* v0.33 (07.10.2007)
  - CHG: Detection of the "ported type" of ghostscript. If it is not Whooshs
port, the internal viewing,
         the "tp#?" and "whoosh#?" output devices are disabled now.
         Instead the "turboprint" printer device is available then.

* v0.32 (14.09.2007)
  - NEW: Swedish catalog by P?r Boberg
  - CHG: Changed the way to read the number of pages of a PDF file - using
ghostscript itself now
         (thanks to Ernest Unrau for the suggestion)

* v0.31 (05.09.2007)
  - CHG: Removed slider for "Page from" and "Page to" fields. Makes no sense.
  - NEW: Checkmark "All" for pages input to handle always all pages
  - NEW: Some TabChain definitions for navigation with keyboard

* v0.30 (03.09.2007)
  - BUGFIX: CONVERTDEVICE not always respected
  - NEW: Fully localized! Included are english (built in) and german
  - NEW: Shell arguments and tooltypes to display a file immediately
  - NEW: Loading/Saving of prefs, prefs are no longer saved on exit! Filename is
no longer remembered.
  - NEW: Menus for loading/saving of settings
  - NEW: Can be used as Tool in default icon for PS/PDF files
  - NEW: AmiUpdate support for future releases (OS4 only)

* v0.20 (25.06.2007)
  - first working release

Michael Merkel
    Michael.Merkel()gmx.net - http://www.mirime.de/Michael/

Mathias Parnaudeau
    amigadev()free.fr - http://amigadev.free.fr/

  for porting Ghostscript8.xx to the wonderful Amiga

Christoph Poelzl
  for testing and support

  for his phantastic icon

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