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 Readme for:  Graphics » Screenblanker » commander.lha


Description: A multi-purpose blanker module
Download: commander.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 74kb
Version: 2.3
Date: 25 Sep 2013
Author: Alex Carmona
Submitter: Alex Carmona
Email: AmigaOne/theworld net
Homepage: http://AM1GA.com
Category: graphics/screenblanker
Replaces: graphics/screenblanker/commander.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 8299
Comments: 4
Snapshots: 4
Videos: 0
Downloads: 431  (Current version)
1201  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Commander is a multi-purpose ScreenBlanker module.

It features...

- Clock with standard and internet time
- ScreenMode selection
- Display update delay setting
- Clock/Variable text with color cycling
- User-defined font
- User-defined variable display
- User-defined command to launch when blanking
- User-defined command to launch on DPMS Stand-by
- User-defined command to launch on DPMS Suspend
- User-defined command to launch on DPMS Power off
- User-defined command to launch when unblanking

What all this means is that whatever you want your screenblanker to do, like
displaying a picture, slideshow, cartoon, crunching number or anything, you
can make it happen with Commander, "the mother of all blankers" :-)



v1.0 (16.09.2006)
- First public release

v1.1 .. 1.5
- Fixed DPMS bug
- Various changes, not good enough for release 

v2.0 (30.09.2007)
- Added a command for each DPMS timer event
- Added possibility to define custom font and size
- Added yellow alerts for failures with fallback fonts
- Made preview font proportional whenever possible
- Changed conflicting shortcuts in settings window
- Time format now follows Locale/Country prefs setting

v2.1 (04.03.2008)
- Added Clock setting to disable opening the clock screen so that Paul E.
  Bloedel's BubbleBlanker can appear on the Workbench
- Skips clock-related code when Clock is off keeping overhead to a minimum
- ScreenMode, Delay, Variable and Font gadgets in the preferences window are
  disabled when Clock is set to None

v2.2 (07.22.2010)
- This release only fixes cosmetic issues which annoyed me, no new features
- The custom screen is now opened/closed behind the Workbench to prevent
  flashing the screen with the color defined for from pen 0 in the palette
- Wrote a new color table generation routine. Now the color cycle loops around
  smoothly, it was jumping straight from blue to red
- Randomized start color so that the text color won't always start from red
- Removed extraneous redrawing of the clock

v2.3 (11.02.2013)
- Added missing Alpha channel value in color table
- Minor code optimizations


Thanks to all the people on the AmigaWorld and Beta IRC channels who helped me
with my programming questions or tested the blanker, causing me to improve it
more than I had originally planned.



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