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 Readme for:  Network » Chat » amirc-beta.lha


Description: The worlds finest IRC client *BETA*
Download: amirc-beta.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 550kb
Version: 3.13
Date: 14 Jul 2011
Author: The AmIRC team
Submitter: Costel Mincea
Homepage: http://www.amirc.de
Requirements: Various MUI classes, codesets.library, popupmenu.library
Category: network/chat
Replaces: network/chat/amirc-beta.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: no
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 6511
Comments: 5
Snapshots: 3
Videos: 0
Downloads: 769  (Current version)
930  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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* AmIRC 3.6+ beta for AmigaOS4 *

Yes, you're seeing right! Finally there is an AmigaOS4 native
version of the worlds best IRC client available. And the very
best about it: It's completely for FREE! No more keyfiles

Vapor/Oliver Wagner has NOTHING to do anymore with AmIRC, so
do NOT pester him with any questions or problems!!!

Please report any findings to the AmIRC mailing list. You may join
by sending a mail to: amirc-user-subscribe()lists.stackswap.net
Subject and content of that mail are irrelevant. You'll get a
confirmation mail for security reasons, which you have to send
back in order to finish you subscription.


Easiest way is this:

1) Download the latest official AmIRC 3.5 demo archive from AmiNet
or the Vapor FTP site and install it.

2) Unarchive this beta archive to somewhere, e.g. RAM:

3) Copy AmIRC.os4.debug, AmIRC.os4.debug.info and the images/ drawer
with contents to the AmIRC 3.5 directory.

4) From now on just only use the OS4 version.

Debug interface

AmIRC uses the serial port for it's debug output. So in order to
monitor the output use either Sashimi or a real serial terminal.

Some messages will always get printed, but most of them are disabled
by default. This is controlled by the envvar 'amircdebug'. If needed
the AmIRC developers will tell you to which value you should set that

Major changes since last official version 3.5

AmIRC 3.13 *beta* (14.07.2011)
- Removed donation button and strings.
AmIRC 3.12 *beta* (03.07.2011)
- Minor modifications in Makefile in preparations for first public
  beta release.

AmIRC 3.11 *beta* (17.5.2011)
- Activated and fixed use of popupmenu.library v9+. Fixes bug #6.
- Fixed email address parsing. Bug #10.
- Fixed status LED handling with a (temporary) hack.
- Added RPL_WHOSPCRPL to list of known replies. Its ignored for now,
  but that way you won't get spammed by ircu (e.g. FreeNode) servers
  with unhandled /WHOX replies.
- Added support for different codesets using codesets.library v6+.
- Added direct NickServ support.

AmIRC 3.10 *beta* (10.7.2010)
- New logos are now correctly rendered on colormapped screens.
- Spradic MemGuard hits should be fixed now.
- Added preliminary support for channel admin identifier '!' including
  a new red LED to show the admin status.
- Added new cyan LED to show halfop status.
- Fixed Lag-O-Meter.

AmIRC 3.9 *beta* (3.3.2010)
- Modified the default colors a bit to be not only plain black. Note
  that I did only change a few default colors as they are plain user
- Accidently left betatimeout in. This version won't suddenly stop
  working anymore.

AmIRC 3.8 *beta* (23.1.2010)
- Some notifies could occurr twice if "All messages" was ticked. Fixed.
- Added donation button.. please use it frequently! :-)
- Replaced all "MorphOS" in catalog strings with proper "AmigaOS" ones.
- Added automatic nick change on AWAY and UNAWAY.
- Added workaround for broken MUI_Group class always returning true
  for MUIA_ShowMe. This may not work in any case though :-/
- Added automatic detection of other users in the channel being away.
  In that case, their names are shown grey (instead of black) in the
  userlist. This is updated every 60 seconds.
- Improved MODE notifications to display more human readable text.
- Added option to select the style for URL underlines, dotted (default)
  and solid. Are you happy now Mario? :)
- Added mousewheel scrolling in history without the need to place the
  pointer over the scrollbar. This uses the OS4 mousewheel stuff.
- Fixed non-scrollbar scrolling to correctly update the scrollbar.
- The close gadget of a chatwindow can now get configured to iconify
  AmIRC to its traywindow, to iconify AmIRC completely, to close the
  currently open tab (if more than 1 is open) or to quit AmIRC and all
  tabs as usual.
- Fixed MUI application registration.

AmIRC 3.7 *beta* (20.1.2010)
- Lowered default debug output to Errors, Warnings and Asserts of debug
  class "always".
- The "beta nag requester" now doesn't show up anymore after it was
- Fixed DSI for built-in ARexx GETLINE function.
- Added AmiUpdate support.
- Fixed DSI when clicking on an already activated tab.
- The notifications can now fine-tuned in AmIRC->Setup->Events.
- AmIRC ARexx scripts can now actually get started again.

AmIRC 3.6 *beta* (19.1.2010)
- First OS4 native version!
- It's FREE. No keyfile required!
- A heck lot of changes to get it even compiling with GCC.
- Eliminated the need of vapor_toolkit.library. Most functions got
  working replacements, some are still left.
- Fixed tons of bugs.
- Added new logo and icon. Thanks Mason!
- Now marks where you stopped reading whenever a chat or dialog is
  inactive or not visible. Including during screenblanking activity.
- Messages from inactive chats/dialogs are sent to the OS4.1 notification
  system Ringhio.   

Copyright (c) 2004-2019 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved