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 Readme for:  Network » Email » sylpheed.lha


Description: E-mail client for AmiCygnix with IMAP4
Download: sylpheed.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 22Mb
Version: 3.7.0
Date: 13 Aug 2023
Author: Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y@kcn.ne.jp> - OS4 port by Edgar Schwan
Submitter: Edgar Schwan
Email: eds/amicygnix de
Homepage: http://www.amicygnix.de
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1, AmiCygnix V1.7
Category: network/email
Replaces: network/email/sylpheed.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 12636
Comments: 3
Snapshots: 3
Videos: 0
Downloads: 95  (Current version)
739  (Accumulated)
Votes: 6 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Sylpheed is an email program based on the GTK GUI toolkit. The design and
user interface is similar to many well-known email programs from the Windows
world, such as Outlook Express.

Why another mailer? Sylpheed has a very good support of the IMAP4 protocol,
which is currently only available with a few Amiga mailers. But Sylpheed
also has other interesting features (see below).

Homepage: https://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/en/

New in this release:

  * Update to the latest stable version of Sylpheed. The program was ported
    from scratch and some bugs were fixed that way.

  * Working remote control of Sylpheed. Sylpheed can only be started once,
    when started again, the options are passed to the running program.

  * Update to SQLite 3.9.3 in "bogofilter 1.2.5".

New in 3.0.3 r3:

  * The second release of Sylpheed 3.0.3 had problems with SSL connections.
    The program has now been linked with OpenSSL 1.0.2o and should now work
    An update for a current version of OpenSSL is planned.

  * All programs, including the tools of "bogofilter 1.2.5" and
    "compface 1.5.2", have been linked with the current libraries.

  * Spell checker updated.

New in 3.0.3 r2:

  * On some systems the first release of Sylpheed 3.0.3 crashed when starting
    the program. The error should now be solved.

New in 3.0.3:

  * New version 3.0.3 with many new features compared to the previous version

  * The program was linked with GTK+ 2.24.32. This means that drag 'n drop,
    among other things, now also works.

  * A spell check with Aspell is now integrated. A German and an English
    language catalog are included. The catalogs available for AbiWord can also
    be used.

  * Mail addresses and personal data can now be determined via LDAP. For this
    purpose, Sylpheed was linked with openldap 2.4.49.

  * Spam filter function using "bogofilter". The program "bogofilter 1.2.5" is
    included in the package and is installed automatically.

  * Now uses an icon set in the style of AmigaOS 4.1.

  * New start scripts for the start on the desktop and the standalone start.

Supported protocols

  * POP3
  * IMAP4rev1
  * SMTP
  * NNTP (News)
  * SSL/TLSv1 (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4rev1, NNTP)


  * multiple accounts
  * thread display
  * News reader
  * printing
  * draft message
  * template
  * line-wrapping
  * autosave
  * external editor (e.g. Vim, which has spell checking)
  * clickable URI. Opens address in your favourite browser
  * address book
  * powerful filtering (POP3, IMAP4, local spool)
  * powerful search (query search, quick search, search folder)
  * display and transfer of attachments by MIME. Archives will be opened with
    "Unarc" for example
  * inline image display
  * SMTP AUTH support (PLAIN / LOGIN / CRAM-MD5)
  * CRAM-MD5 authentication (SMTP AUTH / IMAP4rev1)
  * APOP authentication (POP3)
  * customization of toolbar
  * user-defined headers
  * mark / color label
  * message queueing
  * multiple MH folder support
  * mbox importing / exporting
  * newly arrived and unread message management
  * POP3 remote mailbox
  * offline mode
  * tray icon (minimize to tray icon, new mail notification)
  * remote operation by command line
  * per-folder configuration
  * LDAP, vCard, and JPilot support in address book
  * CSV, LDIF file import in address book
  * Mew/Wanderlust compatible key bind
  * X-Face display
  * Junk mail control. Uses "bogofilter" that is included in the package and is
    automatically installed during installation
  * internationalization of messages by gettext
  * m17n (multilingualization) support

Missing / not working

  * action function to work with external commands
  * PGP signature / encryption (requires GPGME)
  * automatic mail checking (Unix only)


  The X11 environment AmiCygnix version 1.7 (or higher) must be installed
  before! AmiCygnix is available on OS4-depot (http://os4depot.net).

  If the installation is successful, Sylpheed can be started by clicking on the
  "Start_Sylpheed_Desktop.bat" or "Start_Sylpheed_Standalone.bat" icons, which
  are located in the "Cygnix:Software/Sylpheed-3.7.0" directory.


  If you like to support my work, you can make a donation by using paypal:



Thanks to...

  ... Hans Verkuil for his initial port of X11R6.3 to OS 3.x
  ... Daniel Reimann (beta testing)
  ... Michael Kus (beta testing)
  ... Anton Preinsack (beta testing)
  ... Matthias Bachmann (beta testing)
  ... Thomas Stahl (beta testing)
  ... Yakov Mindelis (beta testing)

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