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 Readme for:  Network » Ftp » pftp.lha


Description: Advanced FTP/SFTP client
Download: pftp.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 739kb
Version: 1.2
Date: 02 Jul 2012
Author: Peter Gordon
Submitter: Peter Gordon
Email: pete/petergordon org uk
Homepage: http://www.petergordon.org.uk/
Category: network/ftp
Replaces: network/ftp/pftp.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 7222
Comments: 29
Snapshots: 3
Videos: 0
Downloads: 2051  (Current version)
4921  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Pete's FTP v1.2

Pete's FTP is an advanced FTP/SFTP client.

PFTP is free, but if you find it useful you are encouraged to send
a PayPal donation to pete()petergordon.org.uk .. doing so will
encourage future development.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please use the bug
tracker here:


(Thanks to Costel 'Cyborg' Mincea for hosting the bugtracker!)

Thanks also to Steven Solie for his OpenSSH port, and Martin 'Mason'
Merz for the icons!

SFTP NOTES (Please read all of this section if you intend to use SFTP)

SFTP support requires at least version 52.3 of Steven Solie's
OpenSSH port to be correctly installed and working. Please
refer to the documentation that comes with openssh for instructions
on installing it. If ssh is in the searchpath, PFTP will find and use
it automatically, otherwise you can specify a specific location via
tooltypes (see the documentation for details).

NOTE: If you have a version of queue-handler older than 52.2
installed, PFTP will hog cpu time while transferring files over
sftp. This is due to a bug in older versions of queue-handler.

1. Why another FTP client?

Because I wasn't satisfied with all the current choices out there on
the Amiga. I want PFTP to be able to compete not with other Amiga
FTP clients, but against commercial Windows FTP clients. I still
have a lot to do before I get there, but I think PFTP is already one
of the most powerful and feature-rich Amiga FTP clients.

Some features already present in PFTP:

 * Fully multithreaded design
 * (S)FTP to (S)FTP transfers (any combination)
 * Multiple windows (for local, SFTP and FTP connections)
 * Browsing while downloading
 * Drag and drop
 * Reaction GUI
 * Pause and resume transfers
 * Resume files that are already present at the target
 * Transferring of whole directories with contents
 * Deletion of directories with all contents
 * Passive and active transfers supported
 * Optional automatic binary/ascii mode setting
 * AISS toolbars
 * Detailed HTML documentation
 * Localised (translations welcome :-)

2. History

1.2 (01-Jul-2012)

- SFTP transfers are now a bit faster.
- Passing "-a" to FTP list commands is now optional
  since not all servers support it (thanks to Alexandre
- No longer sends a CWD command with no path if the
  initial path is not specified (Thanks to kas1e and

1.1 (03-May-2010)

- Now uses OS4.1 Update 1's URL handler instead of
- Fixed all warnings with the latest SDK
- You can now sort by name, size or date (suggested
  by Mario Cattaneo).
- When copying multiple files, the overwrite/resume
  requester now also offers "Overwrite All", "Skip"
  and "Skip All" where appropriate (suggested by
  Heiko Gyrok).
- Uses built-in scrollwheel support instead of a
  custom IDCMP hook.

1.0 (14-Oct-2009)

- No longer beta
- Now theres a checkbox to disable passive mode
  for servers that don't support it. Previously
  we tried to detect servers and switch automatically
  (which we still do), but it wasn't perfect, so
  now you can force it. Thanks to nexus on AW.net
  for pointing it out.
- When attempting to upload a file to an FTP server,
  it now properly copes with permission denied errors.
  Also reports it in the error log window.
- Now hides newly opened browser windows until their
  final position and size has been calculated.
- Fixed date calculations when using a non-english
  system locale (thanks to Philippe Ferrucci for the
- FINALLY fixed the mysterious stalling bugs
  (thanks to everyone who reported it, and especially
  Kicko for bugging me about it and being such a
  helpful tester).
- Added CHMOD support (I think spotUP asked for this)
- No longer leaves any images locked (thanks to
  Jahc and anyone else who reported this).
- Now has its own image set (thanks Mason)! If you want
  it to use AISS instead, add "USE_AISS=Yes" to the
- If the server responds to a PASV command with the
  IP address, PFTP now uses the server address
  instead (thanks to Jahc).
- If you have an FTP server with maximum connections set
  to more than the FTP site will allow, it'll reduce
  the maximum connections as and when logins fail. Note
  that it is better to set this value correctly in the
  first place to avoid spamming the server with logins.
- If you connect to a server without an "initial local
  directory" set, it no longer resets an adjacent local
  browser to the volume list (thanks to Mario Cattaneo).
- Copes better with 451 server errors when attempting
  to retrieve files (thanks to Janne Peräaho).  
- You can now specify a screenmode. NOTE: You have to
  quit / restart for the change to take effect.
- You can now optionally disable compositing on the PFTP
  screen to save ram. Again, a quit/restart is required.
- Whole new icon and image set created by Mason (thanks!)
- Now uses "LIST -a" instead of just "LIST" (thanks to
  Andy Broad and Joerg Strohmayer for the suggestion).

0.4 (12-Nov-2008)

- When you couldn't connect to a server, PFTP would
  hang. Fixed.
- Icon is now a proper Amiga icon. Didn't realise it
  was png because i have the png iconmodule installed
  and i just copied over the file i got from Mason
  and forgot about it.
- Now copes with servers that include a total number
  of files with the file listing at the top. Thanks
  to Magnus Andersson for his help with this one.
- Now doesn't crash if you click a link in the about
  window without OpenURL installed.
- The local browser thread didn't properly keep track
  of how many messages it was expecting a reply for,
  and could sometimes hang around waiting for
  responses it had already received. Fixed.
- If you started some local-to-local transfers, and
  one of them failed for any reason, the ones after
  it wouldn't start. Fixed.
- Local-to-local transfers that had a read or write
  error during transfer were treated as if they
  succeeded. Fixed.
- If a transfer failed, it would be silently added to
  the failed transfer list, and an error message
  printed in the log. This is easily missed during
  bulk transfers. Now there is an error log for errors
  that occur during transfers, which pops up to let you
  know something went wrong. Items in bold are new
  ones since the last time the error log window was
  closed. Thanks to Mario Cattaneo for making me get
  around to this finally :)
- Improved the error handling and detection for SFTP.
- If you selected more than one directory, but no files,
  and deleted them, only the first one would be deleted.
  Fixed. (Thanks to Janne Peräaho for the report).
- If you deleted a directory, but no files, the browser
  wouldn't be refreshed aftwards. Fixed. (Thanks to Janne
  Peräaho for the report).
- Added a debug menu to make it easier to find and
  fix faults that i can't reproduce:
  If you get a blank lister when you visit a certain
  FTP site, tick the "Generate RAM:list_debug.txt"
  option and refresh the lister, you should now have a
  file in ram called "list_debug.txt" with the raw
  directory as sent by the FTP server.
  If you get stalled transfer or delete operations,
  or other odd behaviour, select "Dump structures"
  and send the resulting file, along with the log, to
  me for further analysis.

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
pftp_deu.lha0.242kb20 Feb 20084.0368¤ Pftp-de - German translation for PFTP
pftp_ell.lha1.09kb27 Sep 20124.1301¤ Pftp_greek - Greek catalog file for pFTP
pftp_fra.lha0.254kb07 Mar 20084.0348¤ Pftp_fr - French translation for PFTP (including docs)
pftp_ita.lha1.231kb16 Jan 20164.0117¤ pFTP_ita - Italian translation for pFTP
pftp_spa.lha0.28kb20 Feb 20084.0183¤ Pftp-es - Spanish translation for PFTP
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