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 Readme for:  Utility » Docky » cputemp.lha


Description: A small tool which can display the CPU temperature
Download: cputemp.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 31kb
Version: 52.15
Date: 21 Aug 2012
Author: Jörg Strohmayer
Submitter: uploader
Email: j_s/gmx de
Homepage: http://strohmayer.org/
Category: utility/docky
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 7335
Comments: 1
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 173  (Current version)
173  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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A small tool which can display the CPU temperature on some CPUs.

Tested succesfully with 603e, 750FX, 750GX and 7455 CPUs. Seems to work
with some 7451 CPUs as well, but not with most, other CPUs (750CXe,
604e, ...) weren't tested yet.

*** WARNING ***
The temperature displayed in shell and docky mode is uncalibrated, if
started form workbench you can use the TEMPOFFSET and TEMPFACTOR
tooltypes and try to calibrate it to the real temperature measured
with an external sensor. Without calibrating it you can only use it
to check for temperature changes, but not to get the real current

Not all CPU types have the required thermal assist unit, and even if
you have a CPU on which it should work it doesn't work for unknown
reasons on some systems.
*** WARNING ***

ToolTypes (only used if started from the Workbench or as docky, not if
started from shell):
TOP and LEFT: postition of the top left corner of the window and the
              iconified icon.
STARTICONIFIED: Starts it with the window closed.
SETENV: If enabled sets the $CPUTemp environment variable, for example
        you can add it to the workbech title by adding "%e CPUTemp" to
        it in Prefs/Workbench "Screen title format".
TEMPOFFSET and TEMPFACTOR: Use them to calibrate the displayed
                           temperature to the real one.
FAHRENHEIT: If set the themperature is displayed in fahrenheit instead
            of celsius.
NOGUI: It doesn't open the window if it's set.
WARNTEMP: If set CPUTemp.docky slows down the CPU and displays a warning
          requester if the configured temperature is reached. You have to
          set the temperature as it's displayed by CPUTemp.docky, for
          example if you have the FAHRENHEIT tooltype enabled you have to
          enter it in fahrenheit.
CLOCK: If set a clock is displayed in the docky.
IGNORETASKS: List of tasks, seperated with |, which should be treated in
             a special way by the docky CPU usage display. Add all tasks
             of tools you run in background, for exaple dnetc.
             CPUTemp.docky will display the usage of such tasks as well,
             but with darker colours and if such a task was running a 2nd
             percentage is displayed (first one = real CPU usage, 2nd one
             = CPU usage without these tasks).
SHOWDATE: If set CPUTemp.docky uses the date instead of it's name as
          docky name.
UPDATESPEED: With this tooltype you can select the speed the CPU usage
             is redisplayed in the docky, supported values are:
             3 : 1/4 second
             2 : 1/2 second
             1 : 1 second
             0 : 2 seconds

52.15 (12.2.2011)
- CPUTemp.docky can now be used on CPUs without THRM registers to
  display the CPU usage.

52.14 (26.7.2007)
- If IGNORETASKS isn't used it no longer uses an own method for
  calculating the CPU usage, requires the July 2007 update of AmigaOS4.
- Now prevents adding itself twice to AmiDock.
- Added UPDATESPEED tooltype.

52.13 (17.7.2007)
- Added SHOWDATE tooltype.

52.12 (10.4.2007)
- Rewrote CPU usage rendering.
- Added powersaving for 603e CPUs.

52.11 (22.3.2007)
- Fixed a bug in 51.10 which made it crash in workbench mode.

52.10 (14.3.2007)
- Added CLOCK and IGNORETASKS tooltypes.

52.9 (11.3.2007)
- Rewrote the docky display, now it uses graphics instead of just text
  and additionally displays the CPU usage and current time.

52.8 (8.3.2007)
- Added tooltype WARNTEMP.

52.7 (11.2.2007)
- Now reads and uses the tooltypes SETENV, TEMPOFFSET, TEMPFACTOR and
  FAHRENHEIT in docky mode as well.

52.6 (10.2.2007)
- Added NOGUI tooltype, can be used together with SETENV to only display
  the results in the workbench title bar.

52.4 (23.1.2007)
- Should no longer display nonsense like several million °C on CPUs with
  non-working TAU.
- Added an option to display the temperature in Fahrenheit instead of
  Celsius (FAHRENHEIT tooltype, only works if CPUTemp.docky is started
  from Workbench).

52.3 (23.1.2007)
- No longer crashes if running on unkown/unsupported CPUs (604e).
- No longer disabled for 750CXe CPUs, although it probabably doesn't
- Doesn't use the 750GX offset (THRM4) any longer, seems it made the
  displayed results even worse.

52.2 (19.1.2007)
- Now it doesn't only display the temperature but reduces it if nothing
  is running (750 CPUs only).

52.1 (9.1.2007)
- The TOP and LEFT tooltypes are now used as position for the iconified
  icon as well.

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