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 Readme for:  Utility » Docky » datetime_docky.lha


Description: Displays the current time/date/week day and number
Download: datetime_docky.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 222kb
Version: 52.9
Date: 08 Jun 14
Author: Fredrik Wikstrom, Massimiliano Scarano (2011), Javier de las Rivas (2013)
Submitter: Javier de las Rivas
Email: jabierdlr/gmail com
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.x
Category: utility/docky
Replaces: utility/docky/datetime_docky.lha
License: BSD
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 8806
Comments: 19  [View]
Snapshots: 4  [View]
Downloads: 87  (Current version)
1515  (Accumulated)

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DateTime Docky for AmigaOS 4.x, is a plugin for the AmiDock toolbar system.
The project was originally started by Fredrik Wikstrom and updated by
Massimiliano Scarano (2011).

This is an enhancement over DateTime Docky V52.8:
   REMIND_TIME tooltypes.
 - Uses locale names for weekname.
 - Added 'MyDays' button in calendar and 'MayDays...' as RMB menu
   option to show/modify "special" days (reminder).
 - Accepts negative values (not recommended) in HORIZGAP.
 - In prefs window you can use cursor up/down in listbrowser and
   tab/return while typing a MyDay entry.
 - Example icon (tooltypes) kindly provided by zzd10h (in Source drawer).
 - New icon!!! THX Tommysammmy


1. Two modes/options:
  a)Shell/CLI: COPY DateTime.docky(|.info) SYS:Utilities/Dockies/ CLONE
  b)Workbench: drag&drop DateTime.docky icon in SYS:Utilities/Dockies/
   NOTE: Your "original" icon and tooltypes will be overwritten.
2. Add docky to AmiDock toolbar system.


Docky settings can be changed by modifying the icon's tooltypes. An example
icon (tooltypes) is kindly provided by zzd10h (in Source drawer).
Currently these tooltypes are used by the docky:
AMPM             - Enables 12-hour mode (AM/PM)
DATEFMT=<n>      - Date format to show (defaults to Locale prefs.);
                   allowed values:
                              - DOS or dd-mmm-yy
                              - INT or yy-mmm-dd
                              - USA or mm-dd-yy
                              - CDN or dd-mm-yy
                              - ISO or yyyy-mm-dd
FONTNAME=<font>  - Name of (fixedwidth) font to use WITH '.font' extension
                   (defaults to system default font)
FONTSIZE=<n>     - Size of 'font.' ONLY used if FONTNAME is also specified
TEXTCOLOR=<n>    - RGB of colour used for text; not setting this tooltype
                   uses GUI prefs Text pen
SHADOWCOLOR=<n>  - RGB of colour used for text shadow (default=000000);
                   to disable SHADOWCOLOR set it to 0ff0ff (ZERO ff ZERO ff)
MYDAYSCOLOR=<n>  - RGB of colour used for showing datetime docky text if
                   "today" is a "special" day (default=00FFFF)
MDCOLOR_ALL      - Shows all LINES in MYDAYSCOLOR instead of just the date
DOTSBLINK        - Enables dots blinking (HH:MM -> HH MM -> HH:MM)
SHOWSECS         - Show seconds in clock
LINES=<n>        - 1=only clock; 2=clock+date (defaults to clock+date+week)
HORIZONTAL       - Horizontal layout instead of default vertical/rows
HORIZGAP=<n>     - Space between clock+date+week in HORIZONTAL (default=10)
SINGLECLICK      - Single click opens Time prefs. (defaults to double click)
OFFSET_Y=<n>     - Shifts text "down" <n> pixels, ONLY usable with HORIZONTAL
ALT_CALENDAR     - Shows a small calendar instead of Time prefs.
CAL_FONTSIZE=<n> - Font size of day numbers in calendar (minimum size 8)
CAL_WINCENTER    - Shows the small calendar centered on screen
SWAP_POSITIONS   - Swap time and date positions
REMIND_ONCE      - Show only once "special" day reminder
REMIND_TIME=<n>  - Time showing reminder

Copyright (c) 2004-2014 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved
Amiga OS and its logos are registered trademarks of Hyperion Entertainment