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 Readme for:  Utility » Filetool » filer.lha


Description: File manager
Download: filer.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 3Mb
Version: 53.32
Date: 01 Jun 2013
Author: OpenAmiga.org
Submitter: Björn Hagström
Homepage: http://openamiga.org/?function=viewproject&projectid=20
Category: utility/filetool
Replaces: utility/filetool/filer.lha
License: APL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 7952
Comments: 16
Snapshots: 9
Videos: 0
Downloads: 1027  (Current version)
3572  (Accumulated)
Votes: 1 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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OpenAmiga.org - Workbench File Lister

A file manager for your workbench.

Go to this address for more information:

Reporting bugs and making suggestions can be done in the OS4Depot bugtracker:


   Document contents:

   - User defined buttons
   - Override file types (OS 4.1 only)
   - Configurable toolbar
   - Drag&Drop
   - Thumbnails
   - OS4Depot mode (Experimental)
   - Extras
   - Tips & Trix
   - Troubleshooting
   - Change history

** User defined buttons

You can define your own command buttons, userbuttons, by using the preferences
program. The command strings are built in diropus fashion by adding tags into
the command string.

These are the available tags:

{d}  - destination directory name
{f}  - first selected entry, with path
{F}  - all selected entries, with paths
{fu} - first selected entry, with path, no unselect
{Fu} - all selected entries, with paths, no unselect
{o}  - first selected entry, no path
{O}  - all selected entries, no paths
{ou} - first selected entry, no path, no unselect
{Ou} - all selected entries, no paths, no unselect
{Rd} - directory requester
{Rf} - file requester
{Ro} - font requester
{Rs} - string requester
{s}  - source directory name


Notepad {f}

When run this will open the first selected entry in notepad.
Note that the user buttons will not block the user from doing stupid things,
such as selecting devices and assigns in the root view and then execute a
button with the command "Notepad {F}". The Filer will happely execute the
request but you'll end up with a lot of notepad windows telling you that the
supplied path is invalid.

Also note that {d} and {s} only adds a trailing "/" if the character after }
is not a space.

{d} myfile   -> ram:t myfile
{d}myfile    -> ram:t/myfile
{d}          -> ram:t
{d}myfile2   -> ram:myfile2
"{d}my file" -> "ram:t/my file"

There is also a set of internal commands that can be used in user buttons:

$CD [path]                - Changes current path to the specified one
$SPACE                    - Toggles keyboard navigation on/off
$SIZE                     - Check the size of the selected directories 
$EDIT                     - Call edit on the selected entries
$NEWFILE                  - Create a new file in current path
$UPDATE                   - Refresh the current view
$PREFS [UB/FT]            - Open preferences
$ALL                      - Select all
$NONE                     - Clear selection
$TOGGLE                   - Toggle selected items
$WORKBENCH [path]         - Open path or current path in workbench
$NEW [path]               - Open new filer
$CLONE                    - Clone current lister
$INNEW                    - Open selected entries in new lister
$REALICON [ON/OFF]        - Turn real icons on, off or toggle
$HIDEINFO [ON/OFF]        - Hide .info files
$ADDICON                  - Add icon to selected entries
$REMOVEICON               - Remove icon from selected entries
$DEFICONS [ON/OFF]        - Turn deficons on, off or toggle
$OS4DEPOT [ON/OFF/RECENT] - Turn on, off OS4Depot view or show recent files
$DOWNLOAD                 - Download selected item
                          - Add thumbnail to selected or all in lister,
                            Delete thumbnails to selected or all in lister,
                            Turn on, off or toggle thumbnails,
                            Flush the thumbnail cache
                            Turn on, off or toggle auto generating
$THUMBER [KILL]           - Kill the Thumber background task

Note that the checkbox options are not used for the internal commands.


$CD ram:t

This will set the current path in the filer to ram:t


Opens userbutton preferences


This will open the workbench window for SYS:Prefs

** Override file types (OS 4.1 only)

It is possible to define what program should open a certain file type when you
doubleclick a file. Just open the "File Type" page and start adding new types.
You can also define what program should be used to 'edit' each file type.
When selecting "Edit" in the Filer menu the selected editor will be used for
each file type.

To check the type of a file select "Check file type" in the menu. To enable
the OS to recognise more file types, go to sys:prefs and start DefIcons.

File types that are not defined in the filer.filetypes file will be opened/
edited in the usual manner.

** Configurable toolbar

It is possible to configure the toolbar in the preferences program.
Simply click ">" to add new buttons and "<" to removed a button.
Use the "Separator" to create a small empty space between buttons.

** FilerCX

FilerCX is a commodity that lets you start new filer windows by
double clicking the workbench background. The commodity is configured
by setting a few tool types on its icon.



Both COMMAND and HOME must be set. COMMAND points to the filer executable
and HOME points to the path where the binary is located. If you have the
prefs program in a separate directory that is not in sys:prefs then set
HOME to its directory.

TYPE can be set to lmb, mmb or rmb depending on which mouse button you want
to use.

(OS 4.0) Also make sure that DONOWAIT is set in case you put FilerCX in

** Drag&Drop

The Filer implements its own method for Drag&Drop. You can Drag&Drop between
filers as well as to/from workbench folders. It is also possible to Drag&Drop
into other applications that listens to Filer drops.

Note that when dropping on a workbench folder or device icon then the drop
will end up in the folder that that icon points to. This works for left out
icons as well. Dragging onto the workbench backdrop, appicons or left out
file icons have no effect.

The default Drag&Drop method is to Move files. Hold left Shift when
dropping to Copy files.

It's possible to imitate the same behaviour as the Workbench by activating
it in the Preferences. This mode means that files are always copies except
when you drag it on the same device, then they are moved instead. 

It is possible for other applications to listen to Filer drop events.
Contact OpenAmiga.org for more information.

** Thumbnails

The Filer can display thumbnails for any file that your datatypes can render
as an image. To view thumbnails, show thumbnails must be activated and you
must generate some thumbnails using userbuttons or the thumbnail menu
commands. Thumbnails are stored in a thumbnail folder defined in prefs.
It is not possible to display thumbnails without using a thumbnail folder.

Thumbnails can be generated automatically by activating the
"Generate automatically" option in prefs.

** OS4Depot mode (Experimental)

It is possible to browse OS4Depot directly from the filer.

Current features include:

 - View recent files
 - Browse file tree
 - Search
 - Download and open files locally
 - Shows which files that are outdated
 - Shows which files that aren't stored locally


 - Internet access. The real OS4Depot site is accessed in real time.

 - "wget" must be installed and the executable must be in the current system
   path. It will NOT work without wget.

 - A work folder must be created. Example: dh1:OS4Depot
   Note that all downloaded files will be stored here and the file system
   will be filled with the same structure as the online site.

 - An assign "OS4Depot:" must be set that points to the work folder. Just
   add "assign OS4Depot: dh1:OS4Depot" at the end of your user startup file
   and reboot before starting Filer again.

 - One or more userbuttons must be added that uses the $OS4DEPOT internal
   command see "User defined buttons" section for more information.

** Extras

Some extra functionality:

 - CTRL + Left double-click on a folder,device or assign will open a new
   lister in the clicked path.

 - Left ALT + Left double-click on a folder,device or assign will open a
   workbench icon window in the clicked path, provided that the device it
   points to is not hidden from view on the workbench.

 - If you find the source/destination button confusing you can reverse it
   by marking the "Reverse source/dest button" option in prefs.

 - If you want diropus style item selection then activate it by marking
   "Persistent select" in prefs.

 - Press an alphanumeric key and the first file starting with that character
   will be selected [a-z], [A-Z] , [0-9]. Press again for the next file etc.

 - Hold down left shift when clicking on Copy to/Move to and you'll be asked
   to enter a new name for each entry

 - Hold down left shift when clicking on Pattern and the matching entries will
   add to the currently selected entries.

 - Press SPACE to enter/leave keyboard navigation mode

    The normal keyboard shortcuts will be replaced with these:

    Home        select first item
    End         select last item
    Enter       open selected item
    Up          select previous item
    Down        select next item
    Left        go back in navigation history
    Right       go forward in navigation history
    Shift+Left  scroll view to the left
    Shift+Right scroll view to the right
    Page up     select item 10 positions up
    Page down   select 1tem 10 positions below

 - Extra keyboard shortcuts

    Delete      delete selected items
    Insert      create new file
    /           go to parent folder
    *           go to root view
    Up          scroll up
    Down        scroll down
    Left        scroll left
    Right       scroll right
    Home        scroll to top
    End         scroll to bottom
    Page up     scroll up one page
    Page down   scroll down one page
    F2          rename selected entries

** Tips & Trix

 The Filer application is a standalone executable. If you want to add a
 keyboard shortcut to open new listers then start "fkey" and add a new hotkey
 for the Filer executable.

 If you don't want the images/ directory in the same drawer as the executable
 then just copy all files inside images/ to an appropriate TBImages: assign

 You can set up the workbench to enable you to open a Filer lister pointing
 to the path of the currently active workbench directory window.

 (OS4.0) Copy SYS:Utilities/Commodities/ContextMenus to SYS:WBStartup/
 (OS4.1) Make sure ContextMenus are active in WbStartup prefs

 Open ENVARC:ContextMenus.cfg in a text editor and add this line before the
 line that starts with "Directory,New drawer":

 Directory,Open Filer,CLI,DH1:Filer/Filer %d

 (Replace the path with the path to the Filer executable in your system)

 To open a Filer from a workbench directory window, right click its background
 and select "Open Filer"

 Open by right clicking a drawer:
 Drawer,Open Filer,CLI,DH1:Filer/Filer %d

 Open by right clicking workbench backdrop:
 Workbench,Open Filer,CLI,DH1:Filer/Filer %d

 Hidden options:

  Key                           Type    Description            (Default value)
  ----------------------------- ------- --------------------------------------
  Filer.notify.dos.only         Bool    DOS only FS notifications       (TRUE)
  Filer.icons.load.per.interval Integer Icons to load per interation       (4)
  Filer.icons.refresh.interval  Integer Icons to load before refresh      (20)
  Filer.os4depot.workdir        String  Work dir assign            (OS4Depot:)
  Filer.os4depot.host           String  Host url         (http://os4depot.net)

 To set a hidden option:
   Start SYS:Utilities/PrefsObjectsEditor
   Open env:filer.prefs
   Add a new child on root level using the data above (key/type)

 If you want to set it permanently, open envarc:filer.prefs or
 copy env:filer.prefs to envarc:

** Troubleshooting

 - Filer keeps telling me that 'Thumber' could not be started.

   The Filer application needs to be able to start the Thumber program if you
   have activated the automatic thumbnail function. If you have started Filer
   in such a way that progdir: points to the wrong directory, such as starting
   it from context menus, then Filer won't find the Thumber executable.

   There's two ways to solve this:

   OS4.1, Start Filer from its own directory. Make sure automatic thumbnails is
          active and open a folder. The Thumber will now start and APPDIR: will
          have an entry for it. The Filer will now always find Thumber.

   OS4.0/OS4.1, Copy the Thumber executable to SYS:Utilities
          Filer always checks SYS:Utilities if it can find Thumber there.

   An alternative solution is to create a script that starts the Filer by first
   setting the current directory to the correct one. And then let context menus
   start the script instead of the Filer executable. 

 - The Filer complains that that it can't open preferences.

   If you have started Filer in such a way that progdir: points to the wrong
   directory, such as starting it from context menus, then Filer won't find the
   FilerPrefs executable.

   There's two ways to solve this:

   OS4.1, Start Filer from its own directory. Open Preferences.
          FilerPrefs will now start and the Filer will now always find it.

   OS4.0/OS4.1, Copy the FilerPrefs executable to SYS:Prefs
          Filer always checks SYS:Prefs if it can find FilerPrefs there.

   An alternative solution is to create a script that starts the Filer by first
   setting the current directory to the correct one. And then let context menus
   start the script instead of the filer executable.

 - The source/destination button is confusing!

   Check preferences. You can reverse its meaning.

 - The Filer window opens up at the top left corner even if I have selected

   You probably have "Allow window position snapshot" activated in prefs.

 - The file under the mouse pointer is deselected when I want to start d&d!

   This is part of the standard listbrowser behavior and is not something
   that the Filer can control. If you want this changed you need to contact

 - The Filer doesn't do this or that!

   Check preferences. There's a lot of settings and there's a big chance that
   you can make it do what you're missing. If not then you're welcome to make
   a feature request. Just don't nag about it, the todo list is huge and some
   things have priority over others.

** Change history


 - Add Enter and ESC to create file, create dir and protect requesters

 - Fix column title handling bug

 - Set minimum width or height of thumbnails to be 1 pixel.

 - Fixed a pubscreen issue


 Minor release adding drag&drop support to workbench.

 - Add drag&drop onto workbench windows and icons

 - Deactivate the parent button and menu items properly when "Parent to root
view" isn't active.


 Major changes for this version includes thumbnail support.

 - Add icon image cache for current directory

 - Add icon image cache for devices

 - Never scale images up, just down

 - Add thumbnail support

 - Add internal UB command for thumbnail functions

 - Add menu entries for thumbnail commands

 - Add menu entries for icon commands

 - Make thumbnails load asynchronously independently of real icons

 - Add progress bar when adding and deleting thumbnails

 - Show progress pointer while asynch loading is running

 - Stop asynch icon loading from updating main listbrowser while user is

 - Add thumbnail size setting

 - Add thumbnail directory setting

 - Add show thumbnails setting

 - Add really ugly fallback progress pointer

 - Prefs: Add icon acceleration and thumbnail settings

 - Reduce listbrowser refresh while loading icons and thumbnails

 - On some systems IIcon->PutDiskObject() didn't work as intended. Replaced
   with IIcon->PutIconTags()

 - Add workaround for env-handler file system notification bug

 - Change Accellerate to Accelerate

 - Add F2 as shortcut for rename

 - Prefs: Add a "remove all" button on the user button page

 - Add ability to show free space in Mb/Gb etc instead of % in usage bar

 - Give usage bar a minimum width

 - Add ID's to locale files

 - Add background task "Thumber" for automatic thumbnail generation

 - Add settings for ignored devices for thumbnails

 - Add setting for activating automatic thumbnail creation

 - Fix rapid parent lockup

 - Prefs: Update about body locale string

 - Add menu entry for turning on/off auto thumbnail generating

 - Add user buttons for turning on/off auto thumbnail generating

 - Add HUGE thumbnail setting

 - Fix a bug where a thumbnail wasn't removed from the cache

 - Increase maximum thumbnail size to 128 in HUGE mode

 - Fix a bug where an icon was added when creating a folder/file

 - Add appdir: as a search path when opening Thumber and Prefs

 - Add Troubleshooting section to readme

 - And AND/OR option to search

 - Make toolbar and menu context sensitive

 - Make back/forward buttons context sensitive


 Major changes for this version includes real icon support and general icon
 handling as well as a new OS4Depot browsing mode

 - Add real icon support

 - Add support for default lister icons

 - Add icon settings to prefs

 - Only check left/right border when detecting d&d

 - Add extra check for bitmapped icons. (icon library is a mess isn't it?)

 - Add internal UB command for toggling real icons on/off

 - CopyAS should use destination filename in certain error requesters

 - Add option to create icon for create file and create directory

 - Make create file detect existing file/dir

 - Add check if there's actually anything selected in the listbrowser when
   going to d&d mode

 - Add internal UB command for hiding/unhidign .info files

 - Add internal UB command for add/remove icon

 - Add internal UB command for toggling deficons on/off

 - Add option for "automatic icon handling", which will
   copy/delete/move/rename icon files automatically

 - Add ability to display/hide .info files

 - Add option to reverse d&d move/copy

 - Add 'asynchronous' deficon loading

 - Fix nasty crash when updating toolbar in real icon mode

 - Move d&d transition to main program to avoid possible race condition

 - Keep real icons the same size

 - Prevent the right click menu from getting blocked while requesters are

 - Replace busypointer with window class version

 - Show real icons for devices

 - Enable Information for devices

 - Fix double click on file with space problem. Bug in OpenWorkbenchObject(),
   had to revert the IconX workaround to fix this unfortunately.

 - Add support for new style column title changes

 - Fix menu problem when executing non asynchronous userbuttons

 - Remove mouse button hook

 - Add check so that d&d falls back to undetected mode

 - Make it possible to select protection bit pattern

 - Make an extended mode for changing file flags

 - Add a way to recursively set file protection flags

 - Add experimental OS4Depot view mode

 - Make Update All recursive set protect work on first folder

 - Add search to OS4Depot mode

 - Add download toolbar button

 - Properly deallocate loaded icon image bitmaps

 - Fix potential stability issue with allocating object in input task

 - Add support for fourth mouse button as parent


 Major changes for this version includes drag&drop between filers, drag&drop
 from workbench windows to the filer and the navigation history.

 Note that all but the swedish locale files have been removed from the
 archive since I don't maintain those myself. Make sure you delete any old
 locale files before running the new version. New locale files for other
 languages will be uploaded separately.

 - Move window title into global buffer

 - Make search search in current dir if no directories are selected

 - Remember selected files when changing sort order

 - Change the behavior of file flag handling

 - Fix bug where drop destination refused to deal with drop

 - Implement drag&drop between listers (Thanks Rigo!)

 - Add workaround for IconX issue

 - Add browsing history buffer

 - Add drop down for browsing history buffer

 - Make it possible to start drag&drop without first activating window

 - Add position to browsing history buffer

 - Change left/right in keyboard navigation to back/forward

 - Remember file position in keyboard mode

 - Write a selected node workaround to account for different behaviour in
   singe and multiselect mode of listbrowser class

 - Make close by ESC optional

 - Add setting for drag&drop mode

 - Finish drag&drop to filer window from appwindows

 - Make sure that #?.info files are ignored when handling wb drops

 - Fix window snapshot

 - Add internal user button commands

 - Add PATH,XPOS,YPOS,WIDTH and HEIGHT tooltypes

 - Add ability to snapshot column widths

 - Remove loading of unused resources

 - Add CX_PRIORITY tooltype to FilerCX


 - Add a RefreshWindowFrame() after each window title update

 - Add stack cookie

 - Rebuild all components using new SDK

 - Decrease stack usage in copy/move and search


 - Make dos only notifications optional


 - Fix deselection of items when in persistent select mode

 - Add custom code for seconds display

 - Fix startup directory link resolve bug

 - Replace asynch sub process mode "sleep" with "wait"

 - Add ability to resolve assigns to fully qualified path names

 - Add ability to turn off autofit columns

 - Add option for automatic keyboard mode on at startup

 - Modernize the command line parameter parsing

 - Add window position, width and height as command line parameters

 - Add thousand separator to show size in bytes and remove "B"

 - Add additive pattern selection

 - Add menu entry for opening current path as wb window

 - Add ability to disable device usage fuel gauge

 - Add a selection of color themes to Filer prefs

 - Add option to hide the column separators

 - Prefs: Add resolve paths option

 - Prefs: Add autofit columns option

 - Prefs: Add keyboard nav by default option

 - Prefs: Add disable usage bar option

 - Prefs: Add show separators

 - Fix pen handling problem

 - Fix disk full crash

 - Change device notification method to non DOS so that USB device changes are


 - Add option for showing sizes in bytes only

 - Add option for showing seconds in file dates.

 - Add a way to do Copy As, Move As

 - Add a way to do duplication

 - Fix copy directory onto itself error thingie

 - Add rename to menu

 - Add toggle to menu

 - Add root view to menu

 - Add parent to menu

 - Make Left shift + Copy To/Move To ask for new name

 - Prefs: Add option for showing sizes in bytes only

 - Prefs: Add option for showing seconds in file dates.

 - Add toolbar button for Clone

 - Prefs: Add toolbar button for Clone

 - Add keyboard navigation
   - Space to enter/leave mode
   - Single selection
   - Enter opens current item
   - Left means parent
   - Pageup/down/up/down/home/end has special meaning
   - shift + left/right scrolls
   - / is parent (both modes)
   - * is root view (both modes)
   - insert is new file (both modes)  

 - Add keyboard selection. Press a key and it'll jump to the first
   (or next) file that starts with it.


 - Open workbench drawer window by left doubleclick+left alt

 - Add optional source/dest togglebutton

 - Prefs: Add checkbox for optional source/dest togglebutton

 - Add option for non amiga dopus style selection

 - Display number of selected files and dirs

 - Display total size of selected files

 - Display number of files and dirs in current path.

 - Display total size of files in current path

 - Add ability to check size of directories

 - Display device used space somewhere

 - Prefs: Replace custom color chooser with getcolor gadget

 - Prefs: Make sure all general settings can be defaulted

 - Prefs: Add option for non amiga dopus style selection

 - Prefs: Rearrange the general prefs layout

 - Launcher: Fix possible stale window pointer issue


 No changes. Just added new German locale by Michael Merkel and a Spanish
 locale by Javier de las Rivas.


 Both the main app and preferences are now fully localized. A new commodity
 is also included that lets you start filer windows by double-clicking the
 workbench background.

 - Circumvent newer OS4.1 versions sending an extra mouse button event when
   deiconifying the appicon.

 - Fix all localization ()ToDo's

 - Add error type (ioerr) on delete errors

 - Create a commodity that can be used to launch new listers
   Ability to select different mouse buttons for opening a lister
   Only accept a double click on the actual workbench backdrop as a valid
   request to open a lister.  

 - Make the Filer work properly when screen resolution changes

 - Add parent lister icon 

 - Add german locale from Michael Merkel


 - Prefs: Activate new item in filetype/userbutton listbrowsers

 - Prefs: Add ability to define more types per file type

 - Check file type against new file type 'types' field

 - Remove ShellProcess from userbuttons

 - Prefs: Add button or menu entry to start deficons

 - Warn user if too many files have been selected for edit/view

 - Prefs: Add toolbar configuration

 - Check iconified mode
   Use the Filer icon when iconified.
   Use (at least the first part of) the Path (Window Title) as the name under
   the iconified Filer icon.
   Make sure inst->Win isn't used (notifications)


 Just some minor changes. 53.19 prefs had some nasty bugs that could casue a
 crash. This is now fixed.

 - Change open drawer qualifier to CTRL.

 - Add close-able output windows

 - Fix that search result is rendered with wrong window pointer

 - Fix that Editors doesn't get proper path

 - Prefs: Fix nasty non initialized editor STRPTR

 - Prefs: Remove Store buttons

 - Prefs: Add deficons button


 - Fully localize preferences program

 - Add swedish locale for prefs program

 - Add "Editor" to file types and make "Edit" in menu use it.

 - Add "Editor" to configuration program

 - Use neither empty launchers nor empty editors.

 - Improve resource management when loading of resources fails

 - Make it possible to configure different date variants

 - Finish the user button image handling

 - Add optional first row "/" parent item

 - Add parent to left click in left window border (if possible)

 - Add option for parent on device level to display root view

 - Shift-doubleclick on drawer, open in new lister

 - Remove annoying tool tip in main list browser

 - Handle links

 - Add date configuration to prefs program

 - Add navigation configuration to prefs program

 - Add userbutton image configuration to prefs program

 - Implement configurable tool bar according to design proposal

 - Add new icons and images from Mason


 Major changes includes finishing missing fubctionality in the preferences
 program. Lots of small fixes and polishing has also been done.

 - Finish userbutton prefs

 - Finish filetype prefs


 Major changes include adding a standalone preferences program

 - Add some status feedback on search window

 - Implement a progress bar window for delete

 - Create a standalone prefs program with 3 tabs:
   1. General Filer settings
   2. User button settings
   3. File type settings  

 - Make it possible to define a default path


 Major changes include new search function, snapshot and preferences

 Changes in detail:

 - Add Font requester

 - Add File requester

 - Add Folder requester

 - Implement Snapshot.

 - Add ability to define your own colors

 - Add ability to allow window position snapshot

 - Add ability to set default sort order

 - Make pattern, directory, file and font selectors more persistent

 - Make rename work on volumes (relabel)

 - Make Rename allow rename to same name but other case.
    example: MyFile.txt -> myfile.txt  

 - Implement search


 Major changes include keyboard control and the ability to define what program
 that should open specific file types.

 Changes in detail:

 - Add Delete by delete key

 - Add keyboard position control
    Home/End/Page Down/Page Up/Up/Down/Right/Left  

 - Indicate current sort order in column headers.

 - Add Set Source

 - Add dir notification for listers with initial path

 - Display warning when a userbutton is set to !sourceashome and destination
   is not set

 - Make it possible to select if userbutton filenames should be quoted
   ("myfilename.txt") or not (myfilename.txt).

 - Add ability to open files using a user defined program

 - Add menu entries for notepad-editing userbutton and filetype settings


 Major changes includes source/destination and copy/move buttons working.
 Some bugfixing has been made to make it run better on 4.0 and SAM 4.1.

 Changes in detail:

 - Add fallback function for adding/removing gadgets for 4.0 users
    Note that the old functions may cause lockups  

 - Make the file list respect selected items when reloading content

 - Fix {s}/{d} so that it adds a / when appropriate.

 - Implement source/destination

 - Implement Copy (copies to destination lister)

 - Implement Move (moves to destination lister)

 - Rewrite Delete functionality

 - Make "DoAllFiles" respect Cancel button

 - Rewrite FreeFileItemList() to not recursively delete FileItems.
    Longs stack call chains does not work on os4.1 beta (regardless of stack

 - Remove trailing "/" on entered path.

 - Remove trailing "/" on initial path.

 - Implement pattern matching


 Vicente Gimeno 'Ami603':     Original Filer implementation
 Fredrik Wikström 'salass00': Coding
 Martin Merz 'Mason':         Gadget images
 'TSK':                       Coding
 Björn Hagström 'Orgin':      Coding

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
filer_deu.lha53.3019kb08 Feb 20104.0337¤ Filer_german - German locale for Filer
filer_ell.lha53.3021kb10 Feb 20104.0274¤ Filer_greek - Filer greek catalogs
filer_fra.lha53.307kb08 Feb 20104.0285¤ Filer_fr - French locale for Filer
filer_ita.lha53.3244kb27 Apr 20144.0420¤ Filer_italian - Filer italian catalogs
filer_spa.lha53.3018kb07 Feb 20104.0295¤ Filer_spanish - Spanish locale for Filer
filer_swe.lha53.3018kb07 Feb 20104.0195¤ Filer_swedish - Filer swedish catalogs
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