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 Readme for:  Utility » Filetool » workbenchexplorer.lha

Mark Ritter

Description: Modern file browser loaded with features
Download: workbenchexplorer.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 1.6
Date: 03 Nov 17
Author: Mark Ritter
Submitter: Mark Ritter
Email: mritter0/gmail com
Homepage: http://www.mritter0.com
Category: utility/filetool
Replaces: utility/filetool/workbenchexplorer.lha
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 10360
Comments: 9
Snapshots: 5
Downloads: 150  (Current version)
843  (Accumulated)
Votes: 15 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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A better way to browse drawers

Workbench Explorer (WEx) is a modern file browser loaded with the features
you are used to, but also with several new functions/features no other file
browser has.

I hate writing manuals, but do read the included the AmigaGuide and Office
compatible doc file.

In Preferences->Installed tab there is a list of items that will add extra
functionality if they are installed.

Turn on Preview pane to:
     * View images
	 * Read text files
	 * View GIF anims
	 * Play MP3s

The purpose of Commodity Mode is to have WEx started at boot up
(WBStartup) and will be running in the background.  Then using the
hotkey (default: LAmiga + E) it will open.  Closing the window will ony
hide the interface.

###### [1.6 build 6000] - 2017-11-02
### Added
- Preferences->Operation->Escape to quit.
- Tools menu->Download cover art.
Select an MP3 or FLAC song, pick this option to download a cover art image.
Having a Folder.jpg or Cover.jpg file in the album drawer is faster loading
than extracting it from the song.
- Preferences->Preview->Cover art name.
- Preferences->Preview->Cover art dimensions.
Keep original size or set to resize to the specified size.
- EXIF data strings are now translated on the fly.
- Mousewheel can change MP3 volume.
- Volume level is displayed in hint text.  Have to move away then come back
to see change.  ReAction issue, not WEx.
- Preferences->Preview->Rotate JPEG image according to EXIF data.
- Mute button to MP3 controls.
- Context menu->Set as Workbench background
Set the selected image as Workbench background image.
- AIFF tags are now read.
- FLAC time is supported.
- The "full" player is used for all audio types.
- Tools menu->Convert image...
Images can be converted to other formats, and/or resized, or just
NOTE: 24 bit images can not be saved as GIFs, but GIFs can be resized and
saved as GIFS, or saved as 24 bit images.

### Fixed
- Some texts in Preferences had the last letter cut off.
- At search or duplicate results you couldn't cut/copy anything.
- State of some menu items.
- Datatype checking mode was not correct for Search and Duplicate File Finder.
- If scrolled from an MP3/FLAC to a wav the correct thumbnail image was
not set.
- Empty MP3 image tag was not handled correctly.
- Case sensitive find/replace issue fixed.  Use SC_COLLATE2, not SC_ASCII.
- Processed files count was wrong for some functions.

### Changed
- Improved the MP3 tag scanner.  Faster and less disk access.
- picflow.gadget and jhead are now required.
- Get version method now uses Javier de las Rivas' internal showVersion().
- Image preview line no longer shows filename, but image type, instead.
- Improved the JPEG EXIF data output.

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workbenchexplorer_ita.lha1.248kb22 Jun 174.083¤ Wex_upd_ita - italian catalog for WorkbenchExplorer
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