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 Readme for:  Video » Play » smtube.lha


Description: Qt : direct stream + download YouTube videos
Download: smtube.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 20.1.9259
Date: 22 Jan 2020
Author: Ricardo Villalba / AOS4 compile by Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel
Submitter: Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel
Homepage: http://smplayer.sourceforge.net/smtube.php
Requirements: Qt - MPlayer - ffmpeg
Category: video/play
Replaces: video/play/smtube.lha
License: LGPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 11145
Comments: 50
Snapshots: 5
Videos: 0
Downloads: 828  (Current version)
8696  (Accumulated)
Votes: 1 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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***** Qt port *****

zzd10h : 
smTube is a program to stream YouTube video and/or to download them. 

icon from Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt icon 
program by Ricardo Villalba

20/01/21 : port of the latest 20.1.0 svn9259

* Fix Youtube.

19/06/23 : port of the latest 19.6.0 svn9221

* Fix Youtube.

19/04/13 : port of the latest 18.11.0 svn9202

18/12/01 : port of the latest 18.11.0 svn9174

* Fix Youtube.

* Add an option to play the video with a web browser.

18/09/27 : port of the latest 18.9.0 svn9118

* Fix Youtube.

18/05/17 : port of the latest 18.3.0 svn9014

* Fix the option "open audio with". (18.3.0)

* Fix Youtube. (18.1.0)

* Add the Catalan translation. (18.1.0)

18/01/09 : port of the latest 17.5.0 svn8595

* YouTube no more allow to use no HTTPS protocol.
In previous versions, YT_DISCARD_HTTPS define was used. It doesn't work anymore.

=> with this version, SMTube doesn't work anymore with Emotion (at least with
v1.1) but it works with recent MickJT-MPlayer (tested with v1.0.1).
Therefore, don't forget to modify your ENVARC:SMTube.ini

More informations here : https://forum.smplayer.info/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9061

17/06/04 : port of the latest 17.5.0 svn8580

* Fix YouTube

17/02/11 : port of the latest 17.1.0 svn8442

* Fix VEVO videos

* [AmigaOS 4] Added latest "Download" 1.4 download program from Tuomas Hokka

* [AmigaOS 4] Added ""%u"" for new Emotion video player (""%u"" works too with

* [AmigaOS 4] How to configure Emotion ?

1) open ENVARC:SMTube.ini to comment MPlayer and add Emotion
**<MPLAYER_OPTIONS>-vo comp -ao sdl -cache 8192 -cache-min 20

2) Open SMTube / Settings menu
 -Players tab
 -Edit "PlayVideo.rexx"
 -check that stream ""%u"" is specified (double-quotes around %u)
      These ""%u"" works too if MPlayer is used

16/09/09 : port of the latest 16.7.2 svn8142

16/06/28 : port of the latest 16.6.0 svn7997

* Fix the signature code broken since 23 june 2016

* [AmigaOS 4] Added latest "Download" 1.2 download program from Tuomas Hokka

* [AmigaOS 4] Removed certificate verification that failed since 23 june 2016

=> SMTube works again !

16/03/14 : port of the latest 16.3.0 svn7479

 * Add an option to select the application style.

 * Add an option in the settings dialog to select the application font. 

 * Add options to zoom in and out.

 * [AmigaOS 4] Recompiled with gcc 4.1.3 instead of gcc 5.3.0 to avoid some

16/01/28 : port of the latest 16.1.0 svn7364

   * Fix the signature code

15/12/06 :  port of the latest 15.11.0 svn7261

    * [AmigaOS 4] Added an externalised settings file (ENVARC:SMTube.ini) to
keep settings persistent after an update

                  At first stream or download, this file will be created and
opened in NotePad to be customised. 

    * Add support for YouTube live streams.

        [AmigaOS 4] Use APPDIR:ffplay by default. Path can be changed in
        Live stream sample, french France 24 news channel :

    * Add the Hebrew translation.
    * Fix the signature code.
    * Open m3u8 URLs.

15/11/11 : port of the latest 15.9.0 svn7223

* Ricardo fixed some stranges missing videos results

* [AmigaOS 4] Added latest "Download" 1.1 download program from Tuomas Hokka

15/09/29 : port of the latest 15.9.0 svn7147

* [AmigaOS 4] Fix the previous AutoUpdate broken script (Download drawer was not
copied during AmiUpdate)

15/09/20 : port of the latest 15.8.0 svn7134

* [AmigaOS 4] Added "Download" download program from Tuomas Hokka
    This program is used by default by DownloadVideo.rexx (Download is included
in the SMTube drawer)
   Thank you, Tuomas, to allow the inclusion of your program in another tools

* [AmigaOS 4] Fixed the fonts corruption at startup by simply adding and
removing 1 pixel to the window (to force the font rendering refresh).

* [AmigaOS 4] Fixed the previous DownloadVideo.rexx that was broken in the
previous package.

15/08/29 : port of the latest 15.8.0 svn7093

Ricardo added a combobox in PlayerDialog to specify differents quality by

Therefore, now, you can stream at 480p and download at 720p

15/07/05 : port of the latest 15.5.17 svn7016

Ricardo added "Open audio with..." menu option to download audio.

15/05/17 : port of the latest 15.5.10 svn6945 

Ricardo improved a lot his SMTube, 

* Added YouTube code update (menu Help/Update YouTube code)

* Added Category, Region, Language and Themes lists gadgets

* Added Order, Quality, Date and Duration filters in Search window

15/05/10 : port of the latest 15.5.7 svn6923

* SMTube rebuilt from scratch by Ricardo 'rvm' Villalba to comply to newest
YouTube policy. 

If you appreciate the Ricardo work, don't forget to say him by PayPal ;) 

**** WARNING ****
It's a BETA version that lacks some features from the previous version.

* New interface 
   "Why a new GUI?" see explanation here : 

* Settings are available from View/Settings menu 

* Click on a video thumbnail or in a video text to start streaming.

* Right mouse button on a video thumbnail or in a video text to open a
contextual menu with "Open with PlayVideo.rexx" & "Open with DownloadVideo.rexx"
choices to stream or to download the video.

* [AmigaOS 4] Players are automatically filled, don't touch the Settings/Players

* [AmigaOS 4] Added a new REXX, Amiga/DownloadVideo.rexx, to specify option of
            - wget (APPDIR:wget) must be present
            - before download an ASL requester is opened to ask for download
            - by default, the download path is SMTube/Amiga/Videos/FileName, you
can change the default path with DEFAULT_PATH parameter.
            - DOWNLOADER_CONSOLE = same as MPLAYER_CONSOLE of PlayVideo.rexx
            - DOWNLOADER = path of the external download program (APPDIR:wget or

15/01/23 : port of the latest 15.1 svn6689

* Fixed vevo videos

* Fixed a crash when Contextual menu was used on a non-video area

15/01/12 : port of the latest 14.12 svn6664

* New options to set a proxy.

* Updated translations

14/12/07 : port of the latest 14.8 svn6558

* [AmigaOS 4] Fixed a CPU loop problem when a video was not found
                        On AmigaOS4, the QMessageBox that was opened when a
video was not found could 
                        start a CPU loop. On some systems, the QMessageBox was
not displayed. 
                        To avoid that, the QMessageBox have been changed by a
standard Qt Window.

14/10/10 : port of the latest 14.8 svn6415

* Fix playback issues

* Translations updated 

14/09/21 : port of the latest 14.8 svn6396

* [AmigaOS 4] Now AmiUpdate compatible by adding a Version cookie

 The AutoInstall script should not delete the Amiga drawer to save your
PlayVideo.rexx, but please  save it before the update...

* [AmigaOS 4] AmigaOS4_ReadMe.txt updated to reflect the AmiUpdate compilation
* Fix playback (for players other than smplayer).

* Possibility to compile without the option to download videos.

14/08/18 : port of the latest 14.7 svn6307

* this version fix some problems with recents YouTube changes.

### WARNING ### 
To apply these fixes, please, delete your previous smtube settings drawer.

in a CLI, issue the command :
   delete Qt:home/.config/smtube/#?

14/06/22 : port of the latest 2.1 svn6262

* [AmigaOS4] DON'T FORGET to download the latest Qt libQtCore from Alfkill and
to install it in your Qt:Lib drawer 


* Added a "Download URL" button at the bottom of the main window

* Fixed problem when downloading/cancelling 1080p videos

* 1080p download are splitted into 2 files, an audio M4A and a video MP4.
 Use ffmpeg to merge them

 APPDIR:ffmpeg -i filename.mp4 -i filename.m4a -vcodec copy -acodec copy

* [AmigaOS4] Removed auto-conversion of audio track to avoid potential legal
now, until AmigaAmp or TuneNet can read DASH M4A, you have to manually convert
the audio file with ffmpeg

 APPDIR:ffmpeg -i file.m4a output_file.mp3

14/06/01 : port of the latest 2.1 svn6227

* [AmigaOS4] Fixed the start from CLI by lowering the Stack (???)

* [AmigaOS4] Now, options from CLI are working 

  APPDIR:SMTube "search string" -lang xx 

allows to call SMTube from CLI with a search string and to specify a different
  ex : APPDIR:SMTube "AmigaOS X1000" -lang fr 

* [AmigaOS4] When started by CLI, tabs changes are disabled because it made a
CPU loop (???) 

* Added a new CLI switch "-url http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXXX" to
directly download a video by his url. 

   Unfortunately, on AmigaOS, a new SMTube instance will be started for each
"-url xxx" request.
The QtSingleApplication.isRunning() function doesn't seems to work to detect if
another instance is still running.

14/04/07 : port of the latest 2.1 svn6191

* Download of Audio is available in DASH M4A format. 

* [AmigaOS4] Unfortunately, DASH format is unsupported on AmigaAmp and TuneNet. 

Therefore a conversion step was added.  

	By double-clicking on the downloaded M4A, a ffmpeg conversion will be started
to convert it in MP3 format (default).
	3 news options in PlayVideo.rexx
		FFMPEG = "APPDIR:ffmpeg" 
		FFMPEG_OPTIONS = "-b:a 128k"

* Added 2 keys shortcuts to increase or decrease the font size of the
description (CTRL+ and CTRL-)
* YouTube zone is now automatically set to Locale zone (the one from

14/01/29 :  port of the latest 1.8 svn6003

* AmigaOS modifications are merged in the official svn repository
* An AmigaOS binary is too available on the official SMTube website 

 Find the BoingBall ;) 


* Added an AmigaOS4_ReadMe.txt showing how to grab and compile svn sources. 
Normally, compilation should run like a charm (following the steps in the

* Sources codes removed from this package 
   Find them on the svn https://www.assembla.com/code/smplayer/subversion/nodes

* Translations updated 

* Settings window reworked to remove MPlayer "Cycle gadget"

Many thanks to Ricardo 'rvm' Villalba to have kindly merged and modified his
code to merge AmigaOS4 modifications. 

If you want to support and thanks him, he deserves a donation IMHO :


14/01/12 : port of the latest 1.8 svn5971 revision

* Port of the latest 1.8 svn5971 revision to fix an auto-update problem for vevo
music videos
   Thanks to LLoyd 'Mozzerfan' Blommaert for the report

* Added a new parameter in the Amiga/PlayVideo.rexx to allow to move the console
   Default still the same as before but I added a commented example
   MPLAYER_CONSOLE = "1450/975/465/99" to put the console window in the bottom
right corner of the screen. 
   TAKE CARE, this example works ONLY for 1920 x 1080 screen resolution. 
    If the dimensions goes outside of the screen, the REXX will fail.

* Updated Italian, German and French translations for new svn revision.

* Added svn revision number in the About window 

13/09/23 : update 

*removed an ASSIGN request for "usr:" before to start the videos 
for users who don't have the SDK installed.
 Thanks to Patrick 'PiouPiou' Poirier for the bug report

* added german translation (Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt)

13/09/20 : initial release
*added REXX to stream videos or to play file, to open download drawer
*fixed freezes
*added italian (Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh) and french (me, 'zzd10h') translations
*various things to make all that working together !
*sucessfully tested on a lot of systems thanks to Samo79, TommySammy, Lio,
Sinisrus, ArtBlink...

Before to ask for help or to say that it doesn't work, thank you to read debug
console message. 
This console is deactivable (indication in the debug console itself) 


Streaming is ONLY SUPPORTED with the following players 

 MUI-Mplayer (MPlayer UNKNOWN-4.4.3 (C) 2000-2010 MPlayer Team)

 SDL MPlayer SVN-r32561-snapshot-4.2.4

and NO others one at my knowledge. 

MPlayer options are modifiables in the header part of ./Amiga/Playvideo.rexx
(take care about things like "-vo cgx_wpa -cache 8192") 

Playback or download video formats, download drawer (default = ./Amiga/Videos)
are customizable in the Preferences window of smTube (button in the lower part) 

A reminder, read Console messages and check header options in
./Amiga/Playvideo.rexx before to ask for help... but feel free to write good
comments ;)   

Just a recompile thanks to Alfkil Qt port :)


SMTube allows to search, play and download Youtube videos. Videos are played
back with a media player (by default SMPlayer) instead of a flash player, this
allows better performance, particularly with HD content. SMTube also allows to
download the videos, with the quality you choose. Several videos can be
downloaded at a time.

Copyright © 2004-2024 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved