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 Development tasks

- FTp, make filename lowercase
- ftp, filepermission for fileinfo file is messed up

- uploading of a 'readme file' together with the file (salass00)
- total downloads and uploads per year
- top all time downloads
- add date searching
- download http://aminet.net/TREE regularly (Aros archives)
- add block.readme editor in admin tools.
- add fileinfo editor in admin tools.
- make rss feeds skinnable.
- examine the aminet upload queue problems.
- check for snapshot size&size limits.
- display flood data on snapshot submit page.
- add logging for snapshot management.
- do not allow renaming file to existing filename.
- implement deep search.
- allow the uploader to delete the file after submitting it.
- add error message if required settings are not set correctly
- add category suggestion system
- see to that userlist.pwd is copied to mirrors
- add 'send me passphrase email'
- show the filename a bit more clearly on recent snapshots
Aug 13 2008
- Fix nasty comment bugs Done.
Nov 16 2007
- paging system for recent files Done.
Oct 16 2007
- archive contents listings Done.
Oct 15 2007
- show accumulated downloads Done.
Oct 13 2007
- add bbcode to comments and category info Done.
Dec 26 2006
- move log files and such from the upload directory. Done.
- allow downloading from the upload directory. Done.
Dec 18 2005
- remove keywords field, never used anyway Done.
Dec 16 2005
- add possibility to hide email adress. Done.
Nov 27 2005
- display sub directories in listers. Done.
Okt 6 2005
- add download abuse prevention. Done.
Sep 26 2005
- add listing of similar files on readme page. Done.
Sep 14 2005
- fix the aminet filename when approving files problem. Done.
Sep 08 2005
- Add IP blocking to comment module Done.
Jun 26 2005
- add tools for purging unused files on http mirrors Done.
- fix recent snapshots bug on mirrors. Done.
Jun 25 2005
- rss feed for file comments. Done.
- build note edit system (front page news) Done.
- rss feed for notes. Done.
Jun 24 2005
- when editing a file, preserve readme date. Done.
- When renaming a file, touch the new file. Done.
- when deleting,renaming a file, also update the recent comments. Done.
Jun 05 2005
- Show all feature, showing all files in all sub categories Done.
- live navigation tree Done.
- Todays uploads on front pageDone.
- on file edit page, add category link Done.
- aminet module, add ability to specify aminet filename Done.
- build shared directory admin tool (readme edit, file move etc) Done.
Mar 19 2005
- build file comment system Done.
Nov 13 2004
- implement RSS feed Done.
Oct 11 2004
- implement passphrase system Done.
Oct 08 2004
- design a mirroring system Done.
- add file replace system Done.
Oct 05 2004
- add info page for various stuff Done.
Oct 04 2004
- show stats for no longer available files Done.
Oct 01 2004
- Add statistics page for main site Done.
September 29 2004
- Fix module backup problem Done.
- Display author url link and email Done.
September 08 2004
- add filter for the function parameter. Done.
September 01 2004
- add file direct linkage service Done.
August 19 2004
- add rename and move file Done.
July 11 2004
- add amigashare module Done.
- remove install.txt from anonymous view Done.
July 07 2004
- turn contact page into a contact form Done.
June 21 2004
- add admin tool for INFO.readme Done.
June 20 2004
- Add submit help document Done.
June 18 2004
- add aminet cross uploading Done.
June 16 2004
- fix filename change problem Done.
- fix recent creation problem Done.
June 14 2004
- add total file count Done.
June 13 2004
- add ability to create categories Done.
June 11 2004
- minimize the category field in file lists Done.
- add the ability to delete files Done.
- add the ability to update readmes Done.
June 10 2004
- add file tree change log framework Done.
June 09 2004
- implement a more complete source backup system. Done.
- add option for excluding settings and usersettings in backup. Done.
- toggle row background color in file lists Done.
- add setting for mirror type Done.
- change date format Done.
- only display category in search and recent Done.
- Replace all <BR> with <BR /> Done.
- see to that search,recent and list uses the same generic code for rendering rows. Done.
June 07 2004
- add spam filter to uploads Done.
- add admin tool for viewing/deleting who.readme Done.
- add admin tool for viewing spam.readme Done.
- add admin tool for viewing log.readme Done.
- add comments system to submit Done.
- remove tags from input text boxes. Done.
- remove illegal characters from input text boxes. Done.
- strip ^M from text part of readme Done.
June 06 2004
- Show number of files in each category. Done.
- bugfix, files don't get an ID if they are approved without edit Done.
- add category INFO.readme system Done.
- add ip ban system for submit Done.
- add admin log Done.
- add DaveyD's layout Done.
- add bread crums navigation for categories Done.
- change submit to use generic saveReadme() Done.
June 04 2004
- add .htaccess file and update install.txt Done.
June 02 2004
- add internal and an external path to files and readmes. Done.
- change list.php to use INDEX.readme Done.
- create install help file. Done.
- add usersettings.php. Done.
May 31 2004
- message submitter that an email can help when there's a conflict with an existing file. Done.
- give the submitter an indication when the filename has been renamed and why Done.
- remove space and stuff from submitted filenames. Done.
- implement validateCategory(). Done.
- add replace field to readme. Done.
- implement simple search. Done.
- implement recent list. Done.
- dropdown for license. Done.
- selection box for keywords. Done.
- turn the submit form into a generic readme form Done.
- add functions for creating index files. Done.
- add functions for creating recent file. Done.
- add admin tool for creating index files. Done.
- rename settings values to g_(name). Done.
- rename all form input fields to f_(name) Done.
- add admin module for approving uploads. Done.
- add admin tools for readme files. Done.
- limit the number of chars in input text boxes. Done.
- Generate main categories in menu dynamicly Done.
- add requirement field to readmes Done.
- add fileid to all readme files Done.
- create a security system for the admin module. Done.
- add MD5 encrypted passwords Done.
- give a warning to the admin if the file already exists at the intended destination. Done.
- add verify call to all files so that they can't be opened standalone. Done.
- see to that no php file outputs anything outside php block Done.
- add setting for allowing uploads directory to be viewed Done.
- add automatic renaming of files when filename already present in uploads directory. Done.

 Other tasks

- Define license schemes. Done., will be updated as needed
- Define keywords. Done., will be updated as needed
- Define categories. Done.
- Vote for a final name. Done. (well sort of, all complaints to DaveyD)
- Get DaveyD to create a FTP space.
- Get DaveyD to create a virtual domain. Done.

 Future functionality

- Number of downloads per file. Done.
- Add user rating system to the SQL module.


- email service with latest uploads
- add column sorting for file listings Done.
- add coloring for different licences
- remember which files a user has downloaded
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