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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
sed.lhadev/uti54.4354kb27 Aug 20174.0988¤ GNU sed - sed (stream editor)
coreutils.lhadev/uti54.111Mb27 Aug 20174.01089¤ Coreutils - GNU core utilities
diffutils.lhadev/uti54.3586kb27 Aug 20174.0997¤ diffutils - File comparison tools
awk.lhadev/lan20121220218kb17 Aug 20174.01160¤ Awk - awk the text processing language
autoconf.lhadev/mis2.692Mb03 Aug 20174.0130¤ GNU Autoconf - used to generate configure scripts
automake.lhadev/mis1.15.11Mb03 Aug 20174.0125¤ GNU Automake - used to generate from
libwide.lhadev/lib/mis71kb02 Aug 20174.081¤ libwide.a - some wide-character functions for clib2
yacc.lhadev/uti53.2229kb31 Oct 20084.0525¤ Yacc - Yacc - Yet another compiler-compiler
libatan2fix.lhadev/lib/mat52.110kb07 Jan 20074.0310¤ Libatan2fix - the atan2fix link library
m4.lhadev/mis1.4.81Mb16 Dec 20064.0260¤ M4 - Unix macro processor

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